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Pee Nak 3 Is Making A Strong Comeback!

Following the huge success of the previous series, the most famous thai horror-comedy movie, ‘Pee Nak 3′ made a strong comeback. The story continues to revolve around monk boys and cursed temples, but is also poised to offer audiences a level-up horror-comedy in terms of storylines, CG and production.


The large amount of comedic elements is definitely what makes ‘Pee Nak’ 3 stand out from other horror films such as The Conjuring. The return of the original cast,  especially Balloon (Aim Witthawat), First (James Puwadon) – ensures that the film is funny and exciting. Both the dirty jokes and the woobies add a lighthearted touch to the dreary, cursed temple. Unpredictable moments of hilarity are interspersed with horrific scenes that will definitely get your hype going and won’t let you take your eyes off the screen.


Pee Nak 3 Cast


If the first two episodes were focus on man-made tragedies, Pee nak 3 is more concerned with the curse due to the snake spirit. The curse is more violent, and the snake-skinned ghost is more creepy than the previous. The actors even spent eight hours a day applying special make-up in order to present a better picture. Also,” Pee Nak 3″ put a lot of effort into the CG for this so that the serpent would look as if it would burst out of the screen in the next second.


The special make-up for the ghost,Nak Kam


No comedy is then  complete without deep values. While the previous series showcased the thrilling escape from karma, “Pee Nak 3″ will depict more of the growth and heart-warming friendship between the boys. The story behind the journey from arrogant boys to best buddies willing to save each other’s lives will definitely surprise you.


Pee Nak 3 Cast


The buddies savings Aod's life


Not to mention that ‘Pee Nak 3′ is now topping the box office and grossing charts in Thailand! Since ‘Pee Nak (2019)’, the ‘Pee Nak’ series has been the most famous thai horror-comedy, but it continues to break its own records year on year. Debuted strongly with $418,500 (14 million baht),  ‘Pee Nak 3’ is proving just how noteworthy it is by coming in at number two on the list of Thailand’s highest openers in 2022.So far, ‘Pee Nak 3’the highest for the Pee Nak franchise to date. It crowned box office that weekend, and grossing $2.1 million (70 million baht) by March 30.


A Crazy Number of Ticket Sold in Thailand


While it has made great success in Thailand, not to forget the power of horror fans all over the world, that contributed over $10.2 Million (300 million TWD) in Taiwan and $566 (13 million VND) in Vietnam to the previous sequel. So far, ‘Pee Nak 3’ has been sold to 13 territories, including Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Pee Nak 3 crowned the box office of opening week in Laos and Cambodia, and, received great responses in Vietnam since it is announced to be released. In the meanwhile, more territories are to be discussed. Considering the incredible performance, Pee Nak 3 is confident of making a stir across these territories.


A Crazy Number of Ticket Sold in Cinemas


Pee Nak is Showing on 12 May


Obviously, ‘Pee Nak 3’ is kind of Thai horror-comedy that drives beyond your expectations. Never miss ‘Pee Nak 3’ in cinemas this coming 12th May! Here you go the official trailer.


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