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Jom #SapotLokal Filem 2021 a Booster to Malaysian Cinematic Industry with 6 Movie Release Lineup for 2021!

Kuala Lumpur, 6 April – Just one month after its reopening, the local cinematic industry exudes confidence with Jom #SapotLokal Filem 2021 campaign jointly unveiled by Multimedia Entertainment, Golden Screen Cinemas, Astro and Six Fun Media. It showcased a robust line-up of 6 movie releases scheduled for this year, with commendable variety and backed by an array of local talents.


The six movie titles announced include BIKO, a romance drama starring Baby Shima and Azrel Ismail. RASUK, a zombie-possession horror starring Alif Satar and Elisya Sandha. WAYANG PUAKA, a cursed movie cinema-themed horror. RUMAH MADU KU BERHANTU, a horror comedy starring Zizan Razak and Rita Rudaini, 3 JANDA, a comedy starring Khatijah Tan, Marlia Musa and Fasha Sandha, as well as AIRFORCE THE MOVIE: SELAGI BERNYAWA, a Royal Malaysian Air Force-based military action starring Aiman Hakim, Dato’ Adi Putra and Nas-T.





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