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Film distributor Malaysia | Leading movies providerMANTRA WARRIOR: THE LEGEND OF THE EIGHT MOONS

Malaysia film distribution company | Movies provider

New movies provider | Malaysia movies distributorMANTRA WARRIOR: THE LEGEND OF THE EIGHT MOONS

    22 Feb 2024
    91 minutes
    Veerapatra Jinanavin
  • CAST
    Ranee Campen,Sorawit Tongteng, Manassavin Malevong

Film distribution company | Malaysia movies distributorSYNOPSIS

The Simian Race and Giants have waged wars for possession of the Celestial Secret Weapon. When the Eight Moons revolve to align altogether in an ancient cycle of 200 years, the prophesied hero, The Mantra Warrior, shall arise. Armed with valor and unwavering determination, they will guard the weapon and preserve the celestial balance, ensuring the harmony of this realm endures.

In the cosmic war between realms governed by the divine council of celestial beings, Prince Raam’s and Prince Luxshaman’s father leads the army of Simian warriors in battles against the forces of the Falling Star dynasty, Lonka, led by the emperor of the giant army, Emperor Tossakaan period.
It has already been 999 year-long battles, and as the 1000th year approaches, ancient legends foretell the awakening of the power to control all the celestial spirits, embodied in the form of a Secret Weapon, a maiden with the divine ability to commune with the powers to either create or destroy all life. As Prince Raam begins to notice that his wife, Princess Sita, has begun to converse with the elemental spirits, Water Spirits, Emperor Tossakaan manages to abduct the Princess to his warship, and vanishes into the cosmos. Prince Raam sets out in pursuit, but thwarted by King Palee, the leader of Vanara, a former leader of the celestial forces before he conspired with Emperor Tossakaan for tyranny.

However, Prince Raam is aided by King Palee’s loyal and devoted younger brother, General Sucreep, who has an opposite view of his older brother.

General Sucreep dispatches Captain Wela and Captain Budsaba, two of his most trusted pupils, on a perilous mission to gather intel within King Palee’s army. The general also sends Captain Vayu, to kill Blood Spirit, the gift given by Emperor Tossakaan to King Palee. Blood Spirit wields power to absorb the strength of others and give them to King Palee. This allows King Palee to possess the immense power above all. Therefore, General Sucreep, Captain Vayu, Captain Wela, Captain Budsaba and their forces are inevitably marching into the battlefield.

New movies provider | Malaysia movies distributorMANTRA WARRIOR: THE LEGEND OF THE EIGHT MOONS

  • 上映日期
  • 语言
  • 类型
    爱情, 戏剧
  • 分级
  • 片长
  • 导演
  • 演员
    譚旻萱, 陳昊森, 梁仲恆, 陳嘉寶

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