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Laugh out loud with zombies

Zombies are described as the undead corpse without any emotions, ability to speak and capability of processing. Spoilt with a plentiful choice of scary and horrific zombies movies that often leave us uneasy on the edge of our seats, we often assume that zombies are scary, spine-chilling and petrifying!


Well, not all! Some zombie movies are so light-hearted that we can’t help but burst into laughter at the clumsiness of the undead and their antics! So we prepared a list of our Top 5 laugh-provoking zombies comedies, you are welcome!


Zombie comedy movie

Photo credit: GSC Movies


Warm bodies- date your zombie friend!


Zombies movie

Photo credits: We Heart It


Do you ever wonder what it is like to date a good looking zombie? Well, Julie seems to enjoy it! Like any other zombies who would wander around lifelessly, R would go around seeking for food. But something weird and magical happened after his encounter with Julie.


It almost seems like he is beginning to revive!! His body is getting warmer and warmer day by day because of the affection he received from Julie. The relationship between Julie and her zombie date, R is all about romance and fun! With all the unexpected twist, Warm Bodies is one of the best zombie movies!


Zombieland- fun ride with zombies!


Zombie movie

Photo credits: AceShowbiz.com


Will you run away or will you stay when there’s a massive zombie attack? Zombieland is a zombie movie that revolves around the survivors of a zombie attack. A shy and geeky college child met three strangers along his way looking for a sanctuary free from the vicious zombies.


Many might think that a zombie movie usually is gory and blood-spattered, but the zombie-killing clan proves us wrong! Even with lots of killing and bloodshed, this zombie movie has so many comic relieves that will leave you rolling in the aisle!


Shaun of The Dead – save your girlfriend from zombies!


Zombies movie

Photo credits: News.com.au


Shaun of the Dead is one of the bloody brilliant zombie movies! Literally! Instead of escaping, Shaun sees this zombie attack as an exciting twist of his boring life and also a golden opportunity to win his girlfriend’s heart back by saving her from the zombies!


One of the most memorable and remarkable scenes of this movie is when Shaun and his friend Ed throw some LP records to protect themselves from the zombie attack. All their funny and witty moments will truly leave you laughing non-stop!


Dead Before Dawn 3D –don’t look at the zombies!


Zombies movie

Photo credits: Flickr


A bunch of college students has broken an evil urn, and they unleashed a perilous curse! Whoever makes eye contact with them will kill themselves and turn into zemons! Unlike any other zombies, these undead creatures are a combination of zombies and demons.


A lot of funny moments happened when these college students try to avoid any eye contact with people. Though this might be one of the best zombie movies, be careful! Don’t look into their eyes!


The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale – get rich quick with zombies!


Zombies movie

Photo credits: GSC Movies


Who would’ve thought that you can get rich in a blink of an eye just by providing a zombies service? Unlike the usual scenario, instead of freeing themselves from the zombie attack, the Park family has something else in their mind and even welcome one to their place!


The Park family treats the zombie as if he is a part of their family. Wait, but how can the family communicate with the zombie? Prepare to laugh out loud with The Odd Family: Zombies On Sale, in cinemas on 14 March! Find out what happens to the Park Family and the cute zombie!


Zombies movie

Photo credits: GSC Movies

zombies movie - The odd family poster


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