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Demonic possession of human body

 What is demonic possession?


The belief of the existing of spirits and devils is a widely- held religious belief in the world and is practiced by members of all social strata. Demonic possession exists in many cultures and religion but the details vary. Most people believe that the signs of it include superhuman strength or the ability to speak unspecified languages.


 The concept of the belief, however, varies depending on the cultural context in which it is found. Some demonic possession may be considered voluntary or involuntary, and some may also be considered to be beneficial or destructive to the host (human body).


Demon possession over kids

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The Sumerians have the oldest references to demonic possession. They believed that all the disease and sickness occur because of the “sickness devils”. Most religions believe that exorcism and demonic rituals are the remedies to treat a demonic possession. To eliminate the spirits or devils an exorcism ritual or a devil ritual usually involve sacrificial offerings.


performing demon Possession ritual

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Demonic possession is not a stranger to the landscape of horror and haunted movies and fictions. There are innumerable horror movies inspired by the belief. One of the classic examples would be “The Exorcist”. The reviews of the movie proved that the audiences are very fascinated with the idea of demonic possession.


Demonic possession in real life


Many might think that demonic possession is either a fictional concept to draw people’s attention or a relic that is long forgotten since the Dark Ages, however, exorcism continues to be performed as there are a big group of people around the world who believes that these demonic rituals still take place today. The Vatican City even issued guidelines on exorcism ritual to cure demonic possession.


Demon Possession  over humans

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A haunting example of demonic possession happened to a young boy who was claimed to be possessed by his dead relative. The boy was found to be speaking and cursing in fluent Latin with a husky and rough voice. The writer of the very remarkable horror novel and haunted movie “The Exorcist” was said to be inspired by this thrilling story.


Another example of demonic possession happened to a young lady who prayed and made a pact with the devils before her body was taken over by supernatural forces. The nuns reported that she was making gruesome sounds and spoke several different languages which no one can understand. Exorcism was done to cure the demonic possession after the lady allegedly tried to strangle one of the exorcists.


Demon possession ritual

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Latest movie about demonic possession


Every year, Thailand releases a countless number of horror movie as a result of the supernatural beliefs of the nation. There is plenty of haunted Thai horror movies with different ingredients and story background and the audiences are spoiled with choices.


Among all, the upcoming horror movie “Reside” that talks about demonic possession is highly anticipated as the director of “Reside” is a veteran creator for horror Thai movie like “Nang Nak” (1999), “The Unseeable” (2006) and “Senior” (2015).


The story is set in an isolated mansion up on the mountain which acts as a Parapsychology research center. 6 people in black gather by their leader “the mother” to practice a demonic ritual on an unknown body without releasing that it would summon a wandering spirit.


Demonic possession happens to some of the members and no one has any clue who will it go for next and when. Find out in “Reside”, hitting the cinemas 7 March to know if they managed to spare their lives from the demonic possession to be freed from the evil spirit and the haunted mansion.


Possession movie Reside Poster


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