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Andy Lau & Louis Koo starrer criminal movie

Hong Kong crime movies are always the best criminal movies among Asian gangster movies since 1980. It is mostly because of the historical background. Hence, it has triggered lots of big ideas about gangster movies, which usually centered on the subject of mafia and drug dealer. As their audiences, we are definitely the beneficiaries of their works.


Of course, other than the storylines, the main castings are always our concerns while craving on a criminal movie. Not surprisingly, the charming award-winning actors, Andy Lau and Louis Koo have starred in a lot of Hong Kong drug-cartel movies. There is definitely a kind of enjoyment to watching them having some intense battles in the movies. Hence, here is a list of some legendary Hong Kong crime movies starring Andy Lau or Louis Koo.


criminal movie white storm

Photo credits: GSC Movies


Drug War – Reveal the drug ring in a criminal movie!


criminal movie white strom

Photo credits: Krell Laboratories


Will a drug lord provide information on his own Chinese gangs to cops?  Don’t think so, right? Well, a drug lord Timmy Choi (Louis Koo) has decided to tell the police about the secret of the drug ring in his own gangster after getting arrested by the Police Captain Zhang (Sun Honglei).


The motive of his decision is to avoid the death penalty. But is he giving the true facts about his drug production facility and his colleagues? Yes, Captain Zhang has the same doubt too. The jaw-dropping action scenes in this criminal movie have definitely made Drug War one of the best Hong Kong crime movies!


Chasing the Dragon – A drug kingpin saves a cop in a criminal movie!


criminal movie white storm

Photo credits: Adobo Magazine


Have you ever heard about the brotherhood among a drug lord and cop in a gangster movie? Andy Lau who plays as Detective Lee Rock has been saved by a drug lord Crippled Ho (Donnie Yen) from a fight. Unexpectedly, their brotherhood has been formed whatever their identities are! This criminal movie is set in 1960 while there are many corrupt cops.


Hence, there are plenty of eye-catching action scenes since it is the time while Crippled Ho has just illegally immigrated to Hong Kong and trying to build his drug empire with Lee Rock’s help. With all the fight scene,Chasing the Dragon is surely a splendid Hong Kong mafia movie.


The White Storm – Brotherhood among cops in a criminal movie!


gangsters in criminal movie

Photo credits: The Straits Times


There is never a shortage of undercover in gangster movies, especially in a drug-cartel movie. Louis Koo plays as an undercover cop in a Chinese gang to investigate a drug-dealing company in Hong Kong. He and his inspector friends, Tim(Sean Lau) and Wai (Nick Cheung) are having the same mission – to apprehenda notorious drug kingpin, Eight-Faced Buddha.


The mission is so alarmingly dangerous and it even puts their brotherhood to a test. The tense storyline and breath-taking performance of these 3 award-winning actors are definitely the watching focus of this Asian gangster movies. If you are interested in this criminal movie, then you should watch its incredible sequel!


The White Storm 2 – Drug dealer protects by a cop in a criminal movie!


gangsters in criminal movie white storm

Photo credits: GSC Movies


Do you believe that a cop will protect a drug kingpin in a criminal movie? Bet you don’t believe it! But the Chief Superintendent Lam Ching-fung (Michael Miu) has to protect a drug dealer Jizo (Louis Koo), instead of arresting him. It’s all because of a former triad member Yu Shun-tin (Andy Lau), wanting to kill Jizo by offering a HK$100 million bounty.


Thus, there will be lots of intense battles happens among these charming actors! Besides that, it seems like Jizo and Yu Shun-tin have known each other since they are kids. Let’s find out their secrets by catching this upcoming movie.


lead actors in criminal movie white storm

Photo credits: GSC Movies


Ready to join these 3 award-winning actors in “The White Storm 2: Drug Lords” hitting in cinemas July 2019 and enjoy the flabbergasting action scenes of Andy Lau, Louis Koo, and Michael Miu!



criminal movie whitestorm poster


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