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New movies provider | Malaysia movies distributorSOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW

    12 Feb 2015
    Mandarin, English
    Drama, Romance
    XU Jinglei
  • CAST
    Kris WU Yifan, WANG Likun, XU Jinglei

Film distribution company | Malaysia movies distributorSYNOPSIS

KIM (WANG Likun) is in deep sorrow over the death of her beloved granny and her fiancée breaking promise to marry her; therefore, she decides impulsively to go study in Prague. When KIM is still in doubt with herself, her relationship and her life, she meets a handsome young Asian cellist PAN (Kris WU Yifan) in Prague. Their relationship begins with a one-night stand and they both hold the attitude of “no strings attached” relationship. However, what Pan has been through moulds him to be more mature among his peers. KIM and PAN gradually bond over the losses in their lives and begin to fall in love……

Granny CHAN lan-sum (XU Jinglei) never reveals her experiences to KIM before. One day, a letter from Czech Republic Embassy makes KIM realize her granny’s untold love story. Under PAN’s help, KIM eventually discovers her granny’s secret. At the same time, their relationship will soon be tested by time after the end of the 6 month study. PAN’s family status does not allow him to leave Prague; they have no choice but to move on with their lives. Will KIM repeat her granny’s fate, estrange with her love and never reconnect again?

New movies provider | Malaysia movies distributorSOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW

  • 上映日期
    12 Feb 2015
  • 语言
    华语, 英语
  • 类型
    剧情类, 爱情
  • 分级
  • 片长
  • 导演
  • 演员
    吳亦凡 王麗坤 徐静蕾

Film distribution company | Malaysia movies distributor剧情简介

金天(王麗坤飾)因男友悔婚和深愛的奶奶離世而傷心欲絕,決定往布拉格讀書。正當金天對自己,對愛情,對生活產生了巨大的懷疑,她在布拉格認識了年輕帥氣的華裔大提琴手彭澤陽(吳亦凡飾)。兩人的感情幾乎是從一夜情開始,都抱着所謂 “遊戲人生” 的態度。澤陽的經歷讓他有着超出他年齡的成熟,兩人完全不同背景不同性格的人,在不知不覺中走進了對方的生活…


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