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Film distributor Malaysia | Leading movies providerPURGATORY

Malaysia film distribution company | Movies provider

New movies provider | Malaysia movies distributorPURGATORY

    29 Oct 2015
    83 minutes
    Pau Teixidor
  • CAST
    Oona Chaplin, Andrés Gertrudix, Ana Fernández

Film distribution company | Malaysia movies distributorSYNOPSIS

Marta, a young woman in her early 30s, moves into a new apartment with her boyfriend. But that very night, she finds herself home alone. The building is newly constructed and few of the other residents have even moved in. Everything is quiet, empty... until someone knocks violently on her door.

It is one of her neighbors with a 10-year old son, Daniel. Hysterical, the woman explains that her husband was just in a car accident and is in critical condition at the hospital. She begs her to watch the boy for a few hours until a family member can come pick him up. Who could deny a mother who is in anguish?

But the hours go by and no one comes to pick up the boy. And Daniel’s behavior becomes increasingly unstable and perturbing. Daniel insists that there is another child in the apartment. A child that Marta cannot see.
The relationship with Daniel becomes increasingly strained and violent, leading to an ending that Marta could never have thought possible.

An ending that will make her confront what she fears most.

One thought on “PURGATORY

  1. shamjiha says:

    the best cinema..i like.

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