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You must watch this upcoming Hong Kong Movie

What comes to your mind when you think of Hong Kong? Some may say food, buildings and how crowded the street gets, but many others will immediately think of their movies, especially Hong Kong action films!


It has been an undeniable fact that action films have been one of Hong Kong’s highlights. And in case if you do not get the fuss of these action-packed films is about, here’s a few of the most classic Hong Kong movies of all time!


The Legend Hong Kong Movie ft. One Drunken Master






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One can never miss out Jackie Chan when it comes to Chinese films. In “The Legend of Drunken Master”, Jackie Chan casted as a dutiful son trying to fight against the robbers. The movie involves a lot of fun as it showcases some of the most classical martial arts choreographed by Jackie Chan himself. All we can say is, this action movie is nothing but the legendary scenes of Jackie Chan in the history of Hong Kong movie. We can’t seem to get enough of his impressive stunts, don’t we?


One of Andy Lau’s masterpiece on Hong Kong movie- Infernal Affairs (2002)




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Aside from Jackie Chan, another movie star that you shouldn’t miss out is of course the ever-known Andy Lau. Andy Lau is known as one of the most versatile artists as he can sing, act, direct a film and so on. In one of his casted famous Hong Kong movies – Infernal Affairs, Andy Lau played the role as the triad infiltrator in the Hong Kong police force, sabotaging the police team like a bad ass! Aside from acting like a bad ass, Andy Lau also casted a few other roles in the past. Of course, with his eye-opening acting skills, he never failed to surprise us in these Chinese films!


Louis Koo as the driving force behind Hong Kong movies




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When we have Jackie Chan and Andy Lau, what’s left missing is certainly Louis Koo! Louis Koo has become one of the top film stars in the Hong Kong movie industry today. In one his top performing movies- Election 2 (2007), he casted as a second-tiered triad member fighting to get on the position of godfather in the current election. Therefore, he has involved in some cutthroat shocking battle with people who stand against him, creating multiple astonishing set pieces in the movie!


Upcoming action-genre Hong Kong movie in Malaysia, starring Andy Lau and Louis Koo




You must watch this upcoming Hong Kong Movie
(Photo credit: GSC Movies)

You heard it right. Andy Lau and Louis Koo in a scene is such a gem! Directed by Herman Yau, “The White Storm 2: Drug Lords” is an upcoming Hong Kong movie, which is one of the most exciting Hong Kong blockbusters releasing on this coming July 11, starring Andy Lau.

This upcoming movie also involves another important character, which is Louis Koo, who is a returning cast from The White storm, however plays a different role this time. In this movie, Louis Koo plays as a cruel drug lord. It all started with a normal brotherhood between Tin and Jizo until Tin realizes the secret of the illegal drug business that has been conducted by Jizo. This has triggered the Ching Hing gang because of the iron rule they have been practicing, which is no drug dealing.


The leader of the gang, Yu Nam is disappointed to the wrong doings of Jizo, ended up giving him a dreadful punishment and expel him out of the gang by cutting his fingers! From that point onwards, everything has changed and most importantly, the brother and partner relationships between Tin and Jizo has shattered. Fast forward to 15 years later, Jizo has become the biggest drug dealer.


Due to the severe impact drugs have done to the innocent citizens, Tin is triggered and voiced out to the public on taking down Jizo’s illegal business by offering a 100 million bounty. The brothers continue to fight against each other in many ways. A reputational philanthropist versus a forceful drug lord, who will be the final winner? Take your guess!


(Photo credit: GSC Movies)

If you’re a huge fan of Hong Kong movie and some handsome movie stars like Andy Lau and Louis Koo, you shouldn’t miss out this action movie since it will be the first collaboration among these highly skilled actors after 12 years. Time to get impressed in the cinemas and watch these two compete with their acting skills on this coming 11 July!



TWS2 official poster


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