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You better pray that you won’t miss this horror movie!

This movie is not for the faint of heart! On the other hand, horror movie junkies will definitely love this. What could be scarier than a movie that’s based on true events? Exorcisms, levitation, a creepy old church, ugly evil spirits, this movie has got them all to satisfy your horror movie cravings. Check out our latest movie: the Crucifixion!


The Crucifixion | Horror movie | GSC Movies


The Crucifixion tells the story of Nicole Rawlins, a passionate and young investigative journalist. Her curiosity is piqued by a report about a priest allegedly murdering a nun in an exorcism. She immediately pitches a story angle and asks her editor to let her write the story.


Nicole goes to the picturesque monastery, but the leaders refuse to tell her details about the exorcism. She meets with Father Anton, a key person in the case. He was the one who allegedly crucified and murdered the mentally ill nun during the exorcism.


While a doubtful Nicole slowly uncovers the truth, more and more disturbing things start to happen to her. Father Anton senses her struggle with the faith and warns her to get protection from evil. According to him, a wavering faith is the perfect target for lurking spirits. The evil spirits eventually start chasing after Nicole and she finally starts to believe that Father Anton may be innocent. What’s Nicole going to discover in the end? Find out when you watch this new horror movie in cinemas near you!


The Crucifixion was helmed by French director Xavier Gens who has also directed several French horror movies. Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes penned the screenplay for the film. They are also known for writing Annabelle and the Conjuring, so you can expect a lot of jump-scares in this definitely scary movie! Sophie Cookson plays the young Nicole Rawlins. Starring alongside her is Corneliu Ulici as Father Anton.


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