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What if you were stuck reliving the same day over and over?

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You know that déjà vu feeling you get? When something happens that you feel like you’ve experienced before? Imagine waking up every morning and having the same feeling every day, imagine being stuck in time. What would you do? GSCMovies brings you Before I Fall, the new movie on every must-watch movie list.


This new movie is based on the book of the same name by Lauren Oliver, Before I Fall tells a story about Sam, portrayed by the stunning Zoey Deutch. Told from her point of view, Sam is fated to relive February 12 over and over again, experiencing the day of her death over one inexplicable week. Samantha is a part of a “mean girls” type clique, she and her friends spend their day making everyone else’s day a little bit worse. As Sam experiences her last day over and over, she goes through all 5 stages of grief and learns about how even her littlest action can impact others around her greatly.

GSCMovies’ latest movie is a mystery thriller movie. It’ll leave you on the edge of your seat, wondering what comes next, and how it’ll end. Unless you’ve read the book, nominated for the 2010 “Best Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Novel” award, it was called “Unexpectedly Rich” by Kirkus Reviews. The upcoming movie circles around the moral that all actions have consequences. This might be a teen movie, but without a doubt it is a movie that people of all ages will enjoy. Before I Fall will be arriving in cinemas on 6th April. Make sure you catch it with your friends and family, this is a new movie you do not want to miss!


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