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New movies provider | Malaysia movies distributorUNDER THE MASK

    29 Oct 2015
    92 minutes
    Sitthichai Pabchompoo
  • CAST
    Kulmas Limprawutvaranun, Sithichai Pabchompoo, Vitid Lat, Apichart Donchomprai, Pachrapon Junteng, Makarin Phumsaard, Nannichada Vitsawavisuth, Nisawan Silapapearsea,

Film distribution company | Malaysia movies distributorSYNOPSIS

70 years ago there was a place that was known as the “Dance Jungle” village, where all folk dance artists gathered and lived. It was the renaissance of dancing and performing arts. Silp, an orphan, was the king of folk dances. He aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps to become a “Yaksha Khon” or a masked artist. As fate would have it, his dream was not fulfilled. He had an affair with the Master’s wife and was killed right in his dance outfit. His raging spirit struck fear in the villagers’ hearts so they abandoned the village and since then it has become a terrifying haunting ground. No one dares to set foot in even in broad daylight. The spirit of Silp has turned into the village’s caretaker in a mask.

As time goes by, a group of thieves working in the neighborhood has carjacked a van on its way back from a party. One thing leads to another until someone is shot dead so the thieves take the group hostage and stumble upon the Dance Jungle. The hunt, the struggle, and the betrayal are looming large in this cursed jungle. Everyone has something kept under wraps from everyone else. Is it fate, coincidence, or karma that leads them into this place?