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Top 3 horror movies about mysterious ghost

For all the times you watch a horror movie but could not identify the ghost! Wait. What’s a horror movie without ghosts? In this case, a mysterious ghost is just another horror elements with an extra zing! Of course, we would want more bloodshed, hallucinations and tear-jerking moments.


In one way or another, what keeps us up at the edge of our seats? Horror film fanatics can agree it’s the anticipation that is building up to fully escape the paranormal activity. Hence, here’s a list of scary movies about the many kinds of ghost that will probably make you wondering for more explanation or show you the scariest scene that you can never imagine before.


Bringing the mysterious disease kind of ghost – The Wailing


In the Korean movie called The Wailing where the village is mysteriously down with illness right after an unknown stranger arrives. There’s no ghost, but no one knows what exactly happen but the horror illness affected everyone! All the innocent people in the small remote village are terrified when the mysterious illness starts to get even worse.


This kind of ghost will become your nightmare

Photo credits: Well Go USA Entertainment


Alongside with supernatural thrills, the shaman escalates the practice of exorcism after series of paranormal activities. Have you ever thought that what kind of ghost will become one of your nightmares while there are a few different forms of ghost out there that they can be in? The unknown man then starts to be possessed and kills people! The person slowly develops with a person’s violent desires to give in to the supernatural powers. What would you do if you are in this horror movie like this?


Carrying the mysterious incidents kind of ghost – Orphan


Has your family ever adopted an orphan or you know of one? Be careful of strangers! It’s mostly because of what had happened in the movie, Orphan.


This kind of ghost will become your nightmare

Photo credits: ccpopculture


What will you do if you witness something terrifying but you just can’t convince people around you? Take the story of Orphan in the horror movie, it’s how a couple of husband and wife is saddened by the loss of their baby. As such, they decided to adopt an orphan. Could she be a ghost? Luckily not but really, she brings horror with her. After she is brought to the house, many paranormal activities happened under their roof! At first, you can say it’s just an accident. For while they believed it but soon enough, they realized that it must be the girl from the orphanage who calls the tragedies in. With all the unexpected twist, Orphan is definitely one of the scariest movies.


The one has a third eye only can see the kind of ghost – Mata Batin 2


Who needs an extra third eye to see all the supernatural activity, like a ghost? Everyone has evolved, hence it’s common to want to see the other realm for communication nowadays. You can! But be careful of the incoming horror movie you probably don’t expect to see.


This kind of ghost will become your nightmare

Photo credits: GSC Movies


In the movie, Mata Batin 2, Alia lives in the orphanage after her sister died. Alia can hear voices calling for her help, but when she looks around, she can’t see anyone. In the orphanage, she befriends another orphan named Nadia who has the same third eye ability just like her. Together, they opened a locked room to release the spirit of the ghost. It is the beginning of their worst mistake they can ever make! They have been forced to see something scary. And now the spirit is making her life hard like a living nightmare! The spirit shows up anywhere they are and trying to ambush and kill them. The tense moments of waiting to kill or getting killed in return!


Don’t forget to catch the Mata Batin 2 in cinemas 9 May! Stay with them to find out if they managed to save themselves and to be freed from the ghost that has been doing all the paranormal activity.


  This kind of ghost will become your nightmare

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