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This will change the way you look at a karaoke booth!

Let’s admit it. Almost everyone loves to sing. Whether you are a professional, an amateur, a showboater or just someone who wants to scream their way out of the humdrum of life, it is certain that you have probably been into a karaoke booth, even once.


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Photo source: mentalfloss.com


Contrary to what you might have heard, Karaoke does not mean tone deaf in Japanese. It came from the Japanese words Karappo which means “empty” and Okesutura meaning “orchestra”. When combined, Karaoke means “empty orchestra”.


Karaoke is believed to be created by Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese musician during the 70s. It was when a president of a small company came to the club where Daisuke was playing and asked him to tape a number of songs that karaoke was born.


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Photo source: alchetron.com


Over the years, the machine has been a craze not only in Japan, but in the whole world. It is now enjoyed inside isolated and sound-proofed rooms called “karaoke booths” where everyone can drink, sing, and relax.


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Photo source: www.ecns.cn


But maybe not for long… Karaoke booths would no longer be a safe haven once you knew that supernatural beings can also dwell inside these isolated rooms! What if a haunting spirit lives inside the karaoke booth? Would you still be able to sing and have fun? Or would you scream your lungs out? Find out when a horror movie and comedy movie perform a duet in this must-watch movie, Premika!


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A new movie in cinema, Premika is an over-the-top comedy movie directed by Siwakorn Jarupongpa. The also scary movie is starred by Gena Desouza, Nathasit Kotimanuswanich, and Pramote Prathan.


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