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This new movie release will make you think about 7 things you’ve wished for at least once in your life

New movie releaseLet’s admit it, we’ve once wished upon the silliest of things. You might have tossed a coin in a wishing well or closed your eyes as a shooting star passed by. For Clare Shannon in the new movie release Wish Upon, it was an antique music box. We, like Clare, had the tiniest bit of hope in our hearts that our wishes would would come true. What did you wish for? We’re pretty sure it could have been one of the following:


1) Your dream partner


We each have our own dream partner. Perhaps, you’ve found yours once but they were in love with someone else. So you desperately wished that he or she would look at you instead.

New movie release

2) Money, money, money


Maybe there was a time you were in a financial crisis. Maybe you just wanted to buy something so much but you didn’t have the budget. Besides, who wouldn’t want the power to buy anything, anytime you want?


3) Travel around the world


Travelling has recently become a trend. So you dream of climbing high mountains, relaxing in white sand beaches, or exploring ancient temples.


4) Loyal friends


All of us want friends who would stay in the good times and bad. We want friends who support us through our endeavours and help us with our burdens.


New movie release


5) Latest fashion trend or gadget


Nowadays, there’s always something new to buy. It may be newly designed dresses or sneakers. Sometimes it’s a sleeker-looking smartphone.


6) Getting rid of people who are mean or make us suffer


This was the first thing Clare Shannon wished for in the new movie release. Who in their right mind likes being bullied or suffering? We’ve all encountered mean people in our lives and we’re sure that at some point we wished we didn’t meet them.


New movie release


7) Popularity


Just like Clare in the new horror movie Wish Upon, maybe some of us wanted to be loved by everyone. Maybe we got tired of being unappreciated or invisible, so we wished we were popular instead.

New movie release

In the new Hollywood movie Wish Upon, Clare Shannon is a struggling high school student. Her mother’s suicide and her father’s insensitivity have overshadowed her life and has made her an outcast at school.


One day, she receives a mysterious box as a gift from her Dad. Inscripted in the box is a promise to grant the wishes of anyone who owns it. Being completely miserable with her life, Clare decides to go for it even if she had doubts. To her glee and surprise, the box fulfilled the first wish she made.

New movie release

She continues making wishes, lured in by the mysterious power of the box. She wishes for everything she wanted: the boy of her dreams, money, and popularity. Soon, she realizes that every wish she made had a deadly price. People closest to her started dying in gruesome, freakish ways.


She later finds out that the only way to save her family and friends was to get rid of the box. Clare hesitates because she loves her life now. She is then slowly consumed by the box’s demonic powers. Will she be able to turn back from her greed? Catch this new movie in cinema!



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