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This Award-winning New Movie Will Challenge Your Thinking

There is perhaps no greater battle than the one with our minds. Some of us struggle with anxiety. Some struggle with depression. Some struggle with mood disorders. What makes it worse is that we are in a constant state of making rushed decisions. In this fast-paced world, efficiency sometimes comes at a cost of one’s sanity. Rarely do Asian movies tackle these sensitive issues with depth.


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GSC’s new movie release entitled “Mad World” strives to awaken people’s minds about social problems surrounding them: mental illness and ignorance. It tells the story of Tung, a man struggling with bipolar disorder.


The first scene of this new movie depicts Tung forced to reunite with his estranged father after a year in a mental hospital. Both are shown to be recovering from the tragic loss of Tung’s mother in an accident allegedly caused by Tung himself.


Flashbacks reveal that Tung’s mother was bedridden and emotionally abused him while he was caring for her. This, in fact, worsened Tung’s condition. Memories of his mother haunted him even after getting help from a mental hospital. Meanwhile, in the present, Tung and his father struggle to mend their relationship. The father seemingly left Tung to care for his mother alone, leading Tung to resent him.

This latest movie from GSC also carefully paints a picture of life in Hong Kong. Tung’s father welcomes him home to a literally tiny and cramped apartment, depicting Hong Kong’s space scarcity. The room consisted of a double deck and it seemed as though the cabinets were squeezed tightly into the room. There was barely any space to walk in at all. The movie also tries to show its audience Hong Kong’s inconceivable pressure at work, an apathetic healthcare system, and its society’s ignorance.


The Hong Kong movie features an ensemble cast starring Shawn Yue as Tung, Eric Tsang as Tung’s father, Elaine Jin as Tung’s mother, and Charmaine Fong as Jenny. It is also Wong Chun’s directorial debut. The film was shown at the Toronto International Film Festival last September 2016 and was shown on select cinemas in Hong Kong March 2017.


You should definitely add this award-winning film to your movie list. It won Best New Director in the 53rd Golden Horse awards and Hong Kong Film Directors Guild Awards. It also won Best Screenplay and Film of Merit at the 23rd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award.


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