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The Sleeper hit Comedy Movie you don’t wanna miss!

Goodbye Mr Loser | Comedy Movies | GSC Movies


Regrets. We all have it. Things we wished we could change. So what if you get the chance? To go back almost 20 years but retain all the memory you have today. A chance to change the past, to make different decisions.


This month, Malaysia’s no.1 movie provider, GSC Movies brings you a Malaysian re-make of Goodbye Mr. Loser – a comedy movie that became one of China’s biggest sleeper hit in 2015! Call it a Chinese movie if you must, but funny is a universal language, and there are always subtitles. This comedy movie is a family movie that will leave the whole family rolling on the floor laughing.

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Goodbye Mr. Loser is a funny movie that tells the story of a middle aged man, Lim Yi Bai, who is…well, a loser. One day he gets really drunk, passes out and magically travels back in time, to when he was still schooling. After adjusting and accepting what was happening, Yi Bai decided to take advantage of his knowledge of the future and use it to boost his popularity, get the girl of his dreams, and shed his loser persona. Not many comedy movies do so well that it gets re-made. You can be sure that this new movie will not disappoint you.


Ian Fang starts as Lim Yi Bai in this highly anticipated sleeper hit. Witness him experiencing an adventure we can only dream of, as he travels to the past and lives his dream life. Using his knowledge of the future to make all the right decisions! Or are they? Find out on Goodbye Mr. Loser! You can catch the movie in cinemas on 23 March with your family, friends, and even your significant other.


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