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The New ZOMBIE Movie you’ve been cravin’!



Calling all zombie fanatics! GSC movies is bringing you guys a new heart pounding, gut wrenching, blood spilling, zombie movie this month! If you loved Train to Busan, you’ll love this new movie – Zombie Fighters! A new movie made just for you zombie lovers, Zombie Fighters is a must-watch movie for anyone who feels like they need another horror movie in their life.


The new movie revolves around a group of boys who wander into an abandoned hospital only to find it infested with zombies. They discover their loved ones there, already succumbed to the zombie infection. One by one, each of them gets infected as the others scramble and try to get out of there. With weapons they find in the hospital, they arm themselves and instead of just running off, they bring the fight to the zombies. But what happens when the zombie breakout extends into the city?


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Unlike Train to Busan, Zombie Fighters is also a comedy movie. It promises a little bit of laughter just so you won’t be so scared you pee yourselves in the cinema. Don’t be misled though, this zombie movie, funny as it may be, will still keep you on the edge of your seats.


Directed by Poj Arnon, best known for winning the Grand Prize at the Brussels International Independent film festival for his work on the 2007 movie Bangkok Love Story, he is also known to direct many other Asian movies of different genres. His experience is vast and with him directing this new movie, Zombie Fighters promises to be one of the most memorable horror movies.


Starring in Zombie Fighters are the super-hot Kittipat Samarntragulchai and Puvadol Vechwongsa. With quite a few dramas and movies under their belt, they make the perfect addition to the Zombie Fighters family. Kittipat has even played the main role in the horror movie franchise, make me shudder. Not to mention, they make the perfect eye candies for the ladies.


Zombie Fighters is a movie with something for everyone, you don’t want to miss this must-watch movie. This top movie will be infecting cinemas on 27 April, remember to bring back up with you, just in case there is a zombie breakout!


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