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“The Foreigner”, Jackie Chan’s upcoming new action film!

“The Foreigner”, Jackie Chan’s new film, opens in China on 30th September 2017 followed by releases across the world

“The Foreigner” announces its release date – 30th September 2017


Today The Foreigner, the latest action blockbuster starring Jackie Chan, an Honorary Oscar winner, and Pierce Brosnan, announces its global release date. After its opening in China on 30th September 2017, the film is scheduled to be released in the North America and Europe on 13th October. It means that Jackie Chan’s new movie, The Foreigner, will compete for the box-office share during the Chinese National Day holiday season. The teaser poster unveiled today shows that in contrast to the humorous feel in a Jackie Chan’s signature action comedy, it shows a spectacular blockbuster full of explosion and suspense. Jackie Chan, portrayed as a lonely ageing Chinese man, challenges the tough shrew Pierce Brosnan while a red double-decker bus burning in front of Big Ben; one can clearly sense that the battle has begun, but we have no idea who the victor is.


The Foreigner is a screen adaptation of Stephen Leather’s novel, The Chinaman, in which Jackie Chan plays a Vietnam War veteran who runs a restaurant in the London China Town. When his daughter gets killed by the IRA bombing and the perpetrators are never brought to justice, Jackie Chan once again throws himself into a battle, seeking revenge for the death of his daughter. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan have a brilliant fight against each other with their wit as well as strength. Pierce Brosnan has appeared in four 007 movies, and still remains the most popular James Bond in the hearts of countless fans. In The Foreigner, it is the first time that Brosnan stars opposite Jackie Chan on screen, and it goes without saying that their first collaboration is eagerly anticipated by the fans all over the world.


The Foreigner is produced by Sparkle Roll Media Corporation and STX Entertainment (US). The film opens in China on 30th September followed by releases in the North America and Europe on 13th October.