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The Award-Winning Movie That You Can’t Missed


Let’s be honest, award-winning movie is usually long-winded and boring. At times, you might even fall asleep after an hour of extremely dragging storyline, yet there are still some exceptions. Let us check out the top 3 Cannes Palme d’Or film that you won’t sleep through!


Award-winning Movie
for 2002- The Pianist


Perhaps one of the greatest, or even can be considered as the greatest Holocaust movies ever made. After all, it’s almost 6 decades after the Holocaust tragedy, yet the director, Roman Polanski can replicate and bring it on the movie screen. That shows his prowess in film-making and deservedly won the Cannes Palme d’Or.

The Award-Winning Movie That You Can't Missed |GSC Movies

Photo source: IMDB


“The Pianist” also featured by the tremendously talented and future Oscar winner Adrien Brody – which delivered an award-winning movie performance as Polish-Jewish musician Wladyslaw Szpilman. His top-notch performance in running and hiding away from German Nazis is a classic that no one has been able to top over.


This masterpiece has several definitive moments that shocked the world when Roman Polanski photographs the deaths in Warsaw and the Holocaust trains that separate Wladyslaw Szpilman and his family members. Although you are following on one person’s life, but won’t get bored and eager to know what happens next.


Award-winning Movie for 2011- The Tree of Life


“There are two ways of life: the way of nature, and the way of grace – you have to choose which one you will follow.” This is the first sentence of the movie trailer, and it pretty much depicts the movie’s quintessential element – a cosmic vision of life, the universe, and everything.


The Award-Winning Movie That You Can't Missed |GSC Movies


Photo Source: IMDB


Director Terrence Malik’s brilliance in connecting the element of spirituality, craft along with human’s existence and the vast universe is a poetic display of true masterpiece, making it an award-winning movie at Cannes. Not many filmmakers have the guts to cut from nature such as big bang into a Texas small town back in the 1950s, “The Tree of Life” provided you with such unshakable experience.


Backed up with a strong cast of Brad Pitt (which carries the way of nature) and Jessica Chastain (the way of grace), with her graceful voiceover behind the scenes that boost and carries out the beauty in the film. A well-deserved Cannes Palme d’Or winner!


Award-winning Movie for 2019 – Parasite


This year’s Cannes Palme d’Or winner, Parasite, a South Korean movie by Bong Joon Ho is certainly an upcoming movie that Malaysians are highly anticipated. It is a unique genre of movie that pretty much in collaboration of dark comedy, tragic, and thriller movie all-in-one, that focuses on dehumanizing social culture between the rich and poor in Korea.


The Award-Winning Movie That You Can't Missed |GSC Movies


Photo Source: GSC Movies


Director Bong Joon Ho that is famous from his previous works of The Host and Snowpiercer have set another height in his cinematography skills by winning the Cannes’s prestigious Palme d’Or award. The movie itself got a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes movie review for a few months straight, and it’s certainly mind-blowing!


Parasite movie talks about a Korean under-class family of four that are in a bleak of their future, get a chance to work for the wealthy Park’s family, where things become entangled and twisted between the families that eventually break into a mess…


The Award-Winning Movie That You Can't Missed |GSC Movies


Photo Source: GSC Movies


Don’t forget to check out this award-winning movie that is going to release in all cinemas in Malaysia this August 15!! Check out the trailer and movie poster down below.



The Award-Winning Movie That You Can't Missed |GSC Movies

Photo credit: GSC Movies



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