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Take a closer look into the bloody origins of vampires

Legends have it, these blood-thirsty creatures lurks in the darkness, waiting to prey on unsuspecting victims. Some say they will keep the victims alive so fear makes their blood tastier, and some say the victims are unable to die, being undead and driven to the breaking point of bloodlust.

Real or myth, these are vampires. Their name strikes fear into almost every culture around the world for centuries. Their stories varied from the nightmarish creepy to the darkly comical in different cultures, no two are the same. In one form or another, these mythical creatures have been popularised by books and Hollywood movies.


Photo source: https://steemit.com/vampire/@archerized/vampires-a-myth-or-reality-some-views

Despite their devilish ambitions, they walk amongst us in human forms. However, vampires have always known to have a unique appearance. The most famous western-inspired ones have signature red eyes, pale skin with retractable fangs and are often ferocious.

But with different cultures, comes different forms. For example, the Mexican vampire are hairier fiends and some may even mistake them for a second Chewbacca. In Australia, they are depicted as a short, red man with large heads and octopus-like suction cups on its hands and feet. In India, vampires are told to wrap their victim’s smelly intestines like a turban on their heads. Also, China’s fame hopping dead, or “Jiang Shi” that entertained our childhood and lastly, our very own version of vampire, the “Pontianak” – a bloodlust ghost of a woman who has died in childbirth. All these frightening looks have sure to chill spines to endless sleepless nights especially when we were kids.

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But those were during the peak of their popularities back in the classic gruesome and horrific days. Vampires today have been reimagined into subtle, mystique and eerily charming creatures such as the ever so famous – Twilight, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and to name a few. They appear as sexy as ever, almost overshadowing the gruesome appearance that they once had. And with that, our love for vampire movies grew even further. The gloomy setting, the dreamy vampire characters, the fabulous storyline, all make the movie so bloody perfect! With so many reasons to admire, it’s no wonder vampire lore is so loved and spoken off.

With this, comes the latest vampire thematic movie, the Servamp: Alice in the Garden. Named after the Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Envy, Lust and Pride, Servamps are said to be the first and only seven original vampire siblings in existence. However, the plot reveals the main antagonist, Tsubaki as the Servamp of Melancholy, an unknown eighth original.

Journey into the fantasy world of the vampires and fight the supernatural wars in the new movie release, Servamp: Alice in the Garden! This new anime movie will be an adventure movie you won’t want to miss. Servamp: Alice in the Garden, now showing exclusively in GSC Mid Valley!

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Servamp: Alice in the Garden is a Japanese anime movie based on Strike Tanaka’s fantasy action anime series Servamp about the power struggles between vampires. Loaded with tons of intense battle scenes, this Servamp’s first anime movie is definitely one of the must-watch movies for vampire fanatics and Servamp’s fans as the Alicein’s family tie with “Envy” and “Lust” is going to be unveiled!

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