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Film distributor Malaysia | Leading movies providerSUZZANNA: BERNAPAS DALAM KUBUR

Malaysia film distribution company | Movies provider

New movies provider | Malaysia movies distributorSUZZANNA: BERNAPAS DALAM KUBUR

    27 Dec 2018
    126 minutes
    Rocky Soraya, Anggy Umbara
  • CAST
    Luna Maya, Herjunot Ali, T. Rifnu Wikana

Film distribution company | Malaysia movies distributorSYNOPSIS

Suzzanna and Satria have been married for seven years but they have not been blessed with children. They live in a house with three assistants: Mia, Tohir, and Pak Rojali. Suzanna's longawaited pregnancy finally happened, but unfortunately it clashed with Satria's international work assignment. This was exploited by four of Satria employees: Jonal, Umar, Dudun, and Gino, who held grudges against Satria and
intended to rob Satria's house when her house was empty. But unlucky for them, their robbery plan turned out to be a murder when Suzanna who was supposed to go with her three assistants go home by herself instead due to the weak condition of the body. Panicked, they then buried Suzzanna's body at the backyard of the house. Strangely, the next day, Suzzanna continued to act as usual at home, as if nothing had happened. Is Suzzanna still alive? Did Suzzanna succeed in fulfilling her promise to wait for Satria to come home?