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Scary ghost sends chills down your spine!

Ghost is the most common name we used to call a spirit. But there are actually many different types of ghosts with different names existing, especially in Thailand. Even though Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles, but it’s also famous for its scary ghost stories. This is because belief in ghost is rife in Thailand, hence you can easily spot a ghost in the folktale, storybook or even a horror film. Here are the top 3 terrifying ghosts that are quite common in Thailand. Let’s get to know the spooky side of Thailand a little better.


scary ghost in Thailand

Photo credits: We Heart It


Mae Nak: The scary ghost of a pregnant female!


“Mae Nak” simply means “Lady Nak”. According to the local folklore, she’s a beautiful female ghost who was pregnant before her husband was conscripted to fight in the war. After the husband was away, Mae Nak was about to give birth to her child. But she and her child both passed away during difficult labor. She became a scary ghost and refused to leave the house with her child, just to wait for her husband’s return.


scary ghost in Thailand

Photo credits: thailandblog.nl


While the husband came back from the war, he was warned by villagers that they were actually ghosts now. At first, he refused to believe their words. But after he found out, he chose to run away from this scary ghost. Well, even though she has such a sad and depressing history, but her anger and hatred are strong enough to make her one of the most terrifying ghosts in Thailand. Hence, the story of Mae Nak has been written in lots of petrifying stories or horror film scripts.


Krahang: The scary ghost that flies with two rice baskets!


According to the Thai folklore, Krahang is a male ghost that flies in the night. He may harm people who are walking in remote areas at night. So be careful if you’re staying in an out-of-the-way village in Thailand. Maybe you’ll bump into a Krahang without warning.


scary ghost in Thailand

Photo credits: Bangkok Post


This is because he usually disguises himself as an ordinary man at daytime. But when the sun goes down, he’ll transform into a scary ghost and attack people, mostly on women. Krahang usually shows up shirtless, with a loincloth covering below the waist. It may sound ridiculous, but according to the folklore, Krahang flies in the night by using only two round rice winnowing baskets. You may think his appearance is quite funny, but he’s actually an aggressive ghost. Well, the actual damage he can cause surely makes him one of the most terrifying ghosts in Thailand. By the way, rumor has it that he is a companion of Krause. Hence, let’s see what a Krasue is.


Krasue: The scary ghost with a floating head!


Krasue is also known as Hantu Penanggal in Malaysia. The reason why a human turns into Thailand’s Krasue or Malaysia’s Hantu Penanggal is quite alike. It’s due to the result of a powerful curse because of the sins she has done in her previous life. After she dies, she’ll turn into a Krasue. Krasue lives as a normal person in the daytime but turns into a scary ghost at night. Her head will be detached from the body in a frightening way, and her floating head and dangling viscera will be glowing red in the air.


scary ghost in Thailand

Photo credits: Bloody Disgusting


If you’ve heard this story, you’ll know that Krasue has to live off uncooked and rotten food. This scary ghost usually goes for a pregnant lady or newborn baby. But if there’s none of the above, she’ll dine on animals or feces, and wipe the blood on her mouth away with the clothes that people hang outside. That why Thais won’t leave their washing out overnight.


scary ghost in Thailand

Photo credits: GSC Movies


In the upcoming movie set in Thailand, which is Krasue Inhuman Kiss, the scary ghost wipes her bloody mouth on others washing after she ate her “late-night snack”. This Krasue is quite different from others. She doesn’t hunt for a pregnant lady or newborn baby. She usually dines in on animals.


scary ghost in Thailand

Photo credits: GSC Movies


The Krasue in this horror film is a lady called Sai. She was human at first. After getting infected and cursed by a Krasue with her saliva, she turns into an inhuman creature, more like a “scary ghost”. She tries the hardest to keep being in her human appearance. But while the Krasue hunters come to her village, she’s unable to conceal her inhuman appearance anymore. At the same time, her suitors who are also her friends since she was a kid, find out her true identity.


Wonder what will happen to her at last? How will the two young men react after her secret has been revealed? Then don’t forget to catch the Thailand horror film, Krasue Inhuman Kiss in cinemas 13 June to find it out.



scary ghost in Thailand

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