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5 reasons why you must watch Suzzanna!

Excited to watch the new horror movie release, Suzzanna Bernapas Dalam Kubur or Suzanna: Breathing in the Grave? Here are 5 amazing facts that make it a must-watch horror movie of the year:


The movie revives the Indonesian Horror Film Queen, Suzzanna


 Suzzanna movie

Photo source: chirpstory.com


If you’re a fan of Indonesian horror movies then the name Suzzanna will definitely ring a bell. Known as the “Indonesian Horror Film Queen”, Suzanna is known for her beautiful pale face and flat expression that haunts anyone who has ever seen her in the big screen. Among her famous horror films are Breathing in Mud (1970), Beranak Dalam Kubur (1971), Pulau Cinta (1978), and Ratu Ilmu Hitam (1981).


This year, the movie Suzzanna Bernapas Dalam Kuburwill pay tribute to the late Indonesian Horror Film Queen and revives her legendary horror figure through the film.


A new storyline


 Suzzanna movie - shot

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Although the title Breating in the Grave is a mix of Suzzanna’s famous movies, Beranak dalam Kubur and Breathing in Mud, Suzzanna Bernapas Dalam Kubur’s storyline is a breath of fresh air. Indeed, there will be scenes from her old horror films like 200 satay sticks but such scenes are updated and are featured in a short amount of time in the movie.


Set in the 80s, Suzzanna Bernapas Dalam Kubur uses the traditional features of an Indonesian horror film with less jumpscares and a hint of comedy.


Luna Maya plays Suzzanna


 Suzzanna in her movie

Photo source: id.bookmyshow.com


Soap opera actress, singer, and “The Doll 2” movie star Luna Maya gets the role of Suzzanna in the anticipated Indonesian horror movie, Suzzanna Bernapas Dalam Kubur. In preparation for the role, she conducted intensive studies of all the movements, ways of walking, speech, expressions, and intonations of the voice of the late Suzzanna. Aside from watching Suzzanna’s horror films, Luna Maya also has to eat Jasmine flowers just like the iconic scenes from Suzzanna’s films.


200 photos for the making of Suzzanna prosthetic masks


 Suzzanaa movie - Director Rocky Soraya’s

Photo source: id.bookmyshow.com


Suzzanna’s ex-husband, Clift Sangra also got involved in the making of the movie. Aside from being an “informat”, he republished Suzzanna’s photo album and sent the team 200 photos from when she was young until adulthood. Those photos were used as references for the making of prosthetic masks.


With the work of a Russian makeup artist and those in costume design, the horror film successfully re-created the haunting 29-year-old Suzzanna that will remind you of the star in her vintage films.


Director Rocky Soraya’s most expensive film!


 suzzanna - movie shot

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Due to challenges like changing of director and re-shooting, the film production cost of Suzzanna Bernapas Dalam Kubur has increased nearing that of the Sinking of the Van der Wijk Ship according to Sunil. With a luxurious set, repair, and reshoot, Van der Wick became the most expensive film in the history of Soraya Intercine Films.


Suzzanna Bernapas Dalam Kubur is set to be released in cinemas 27 December.

Suzzanna - Movie poster


Watch the trailer here:



Directed by Rocky Soraya and Anggy Umbara, Suzzanna Bernapas Dalam Kubur is a new horror movie starring Luna Maya, Herjunot Ali, and T. Rifnu Wikana.


It tells the story of Suzzanna and her husband, Satria who have been married for seven years but have not been blessed by children. After the long-awaited pregnancy happens, Satria had to go to abroad for an international assignment. During that period, four of Satria’s employees intended to rob his house.


The robbery turned into a murder of Suzzanna when she returned to their home due to a weak condition. The four buried Suzzanna’s body in the backyard but the next day, Suzzanna remained as usual at home as if she has risen from the graveyard and nothing had happened to her.


Suzzana - Movie shot

Photo source: id.bookmyshow.com


Suzzana - Movie shot

Photo source: idntimes.com


Suzzana - Movie shot

Photo source: idntimes.com


Suzzana - Movie shot

Photo source: idntimes.com


How could Suzzanna be buried and came back alive? Is she a ghost or is she living? Find out and be terrified in cinemas 27 December!


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