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Paranormal activities happen for a reason!

If you are a horror enthusiast, an extreme horror film is kind of like a glass of ice water for you to endure the extremely hot weather. Especially when the ghost is there to fill your craving. But do you know that seeing a ghost with your own eyes is much scarier than a jump scare in the horror film? Here is a piece of good news for all the horror enthusiasts – a chance of seeing ghosts with your naked eyes! Let’s find out how to have the “third eyes” for seeing the creepy ghostly scenes that come along with some paranormal activities!


  Paranormal activities happen for a reason!

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Change in magnetic fields may lead to paranormal activities!


Magnetic fields are believed to have been affecting people for seeing a ghost. The stronger magnetic field has been detected in some haunted locations compared to other places. Some researchers believe that the stronger magnetic field can somehow interact with our brains and causing dizziness, hallucinations and other neurological symptoms.


Besides, some paranormal investigators and ghost hunters even believe that this strong magnetic field is caused by ghosts. They believe ghosts are able to control the electromagnetic field and cause the flickering lights. No wonder the ghost hunters from the previous ghost horror movies, often show up with a magnetic field detector. Bet you have seen one before.


  paranormal activities happen

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Low temperature affects paranormal activities!


Other than the magnetic field, low temperature is also one of the main reasons for seeing a ghost with naked eyes. Have you ever had the creepy goosebumps and felt a sudden cold breeze while discussing a chilling ghost story with your friends? Well, maybe ghosts are joining you guys too.


People report more paranormal activities with a description of sudden drops in temperature. A localized cold spot in a building or a warm room is also believed as a haunted spot that ghost appears. It seems like “low temperature” is some kind of good condition for them to reveal true forms. Hence, low temperature or sudden drops in temperature has always been a sign of the appearance of a ghost in ghost horror movies, and also real life.


  paranormal activities happen

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Low-frequency sound waves cause paranormal activities!


Last but not least, low-frequency sound waves (which also known as infrasound) that are below 20Hz can trigger ghostly phenomena. In case you’re curious, a human usually can pick up sounds from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. But if we hear sounds which its frequency is less than 20Hz, we may induce feelings of discomfort, nervousness, and anxiety. You may also sense an unseen presence in the same room.


But if the frequency of the sound waves is low enough, you may even experience paranormal activities or see things that aren’t there at first. It’s because of the low sound waves that may vibrate our eyes and cause us to see something we shouldn’t have seen. But don’t ever try to pry into the unknown, and yet haunted dimension. You’ll never know who or what creature will welcome your arrival.


paranormal activities happen

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In the upcoming movie, 0.0MHz, a bunch of youngsters who are haunted by ghosts planning to pry into the ghost dimension. They plan to investigate paranormal activities in a haunted abandoned house and seek for a solution to stop the paranormal happenings around them. The method they are going to use for the investigation is to tune their brain waves to 0.0MHz by using the sound waves of an FM radio.


But instead of solving the problem, they actually fall into the trap of an evil spirit, the hair ghost. Wonder if what will happen to them at last? Will they be able to fly away from the evil creature? Then don’t miss out as the remake of the famous horror Webtoon, 0.0MHz is coming to cinemas this 27 June.


  paranormal activities happen

Photo credits: South China Morning Post


There is another reason that you shouldn’t miss out this horror film! It’s the first debut of Jung Eunji and Lee Sung Yeol (one of the INFINITE members). Let’s find out how awesome their acting skills are in cinemas soon.




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