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OPPAs of this upcoming movie are coming to town this 9Aug!

O. M. G. Korea’s three hottest oppas are coming to your cinema screens! Catch Song Joong-ki, So Ji-sub, and Hwang Jung-min in this upcoming movie Battleship Island. Just watching the new trailer gives us goose bumps, definitely a sign of a good movie!




The Battleship Island is set in 1944, during the Japanese colonial era. This upcoming movie tells the harrowing story of around 400 Koreans who were practically enslaved by the Japanese to mine for coal. The women are sexually abused. The men are maltreated and unfed while working in the mining shafts. Everything is a cruelty horror-show.


The lives of three men intertwine in their attempt to save the people they care about. Lee Kang-Ok, played by Hwang Jung-Min, is just a father who wants to protect his daughter from the harsh treatment of the soldiers. So Ji-sub plays Choi Chil-Sung who is a fighter who wants freedom for his countrymen. Park Moo-Young, portrayed by Song Joong-ki, is on a mission to rescue a fellow member of the Korean independence group. Are hope and courage enough to escape the hands of these cruel men? Find out when you catch this new movie in cinema on August 17!




Excited for this upcoming movie already? Well, you’d be glad to know that these three oppas are not just coming to your cinema screens, they’re coming right to you! Hwang Jung-min, Song Joong-ki, and So Ji-sub are coming to town at the Malaysia Star Tour, presented by tvN movies, on August 9th to promote the movie! Don’t miss the opportunity to see these handsome faces and hear their charming voices in person!


Long time actor Hwang Jung-Min starred in the award-winning film Veteran where he also worked with director Ryoo Seung-wan.




Actor Song Joong-ki rose to fame in the hit drama series Descendants of the Sun. For months, fans speculated about his relationship with co-star Song Hye Kyo. Now, FINALLY, they’re engaged and are going to get married in October!




Korean heartthrob So Ji-sub, meanwhile, is famous for his roles in the Korean drama series I’m Sorry, I Love You and Oh My Venus.




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