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Now is a good time to have amnesia because new horror movie The Bye Bye Man will make you wish you had one!



Prepare yourself for the first new horror movie to petrify you this 2017! Your favourite movie company in the Malaysian film industry GSC Movies has scheduled The Bye Bye Man for release this 12th January to give you a chilling start this New Year!



Don’t think, don’t say, and don’t be nosy! These are the wise words you must follow in order to survive this frightening new movie. Belonging to the old-school horror trope of Candyman and Final Destination, this horror movie was hauntingly based on a chapter of ‘The President’s Vampire’ written by Robert Damon Schneck called “The Bridge to Body Island”. The entity, played by Doug Jones, gets inside the minds of any person who thinks of him. The more frequent you say or think about him, the closer he will get to manipulate your thoughts and actions. Any horrors caused around the world are due to his bidding. Beware, you have been warned!



The story of this new horror movie follows three college students move into an old house, near their university. Creepy and eerie occurrences arise and they soon realise they’re being spooked on and hunted by the supernatural being, The Bye Bye Man. They later find out his origins and the horrors caused by him all over the world, and the only way to stop is to do the impossible: don’t think about him or say his name.


Three kids on the run with no one to turn to because adults do not take them seriously, how do you think they can overcome this catastrophic affliction? Let the familiar faces of Douglas Smith, Tyson from Percy Jackson films, and Carrie-Anne Moss, from The Matrix and Jessica Jones, save you from what could be a pandemic tragedy.


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