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New movie Shot Caller is the crime thriller you’ve been waiting to see

We’re sure you’ve seen a prison. Maybe you saw it in a movie, read it in a book, or perhaps you’ve paid a visit for some reason. We know what a prison looks like but most of us have absolutely no idea what it’s like to live in it. Can you imagine day to day living in such an unfamiliar place? In a brand new movie, Jacob doesn’t have to imagine. He’s already lived in it.

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This new Hollywood movie tells the story of Jacob Harlon, played by Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Jacob is a simple family man who loves his wife and son dearly. One unfortunate day, a tragic car accident kills one of his friends. Being the person behind the wheel that day, Jacob is unjustly blamed and sent to prison.


Jacob’s life takes a sharp turn in prison. He is initially warned by his fellow inmates about the huge divide among them and tells him to choose a side. Seeing how vulgar and violent the other inmates were, he decides to be a part of a strong syndicate gang in the prison. Slowly, Jacob loses his sense of self and is consumed by the criminal life. He becomes violent and even participates in a huge riot among inmates. Will he be able to turn his life back around? Find out in this when you watch this new movie in cinema!


From writer and director Ric Roman Waugh, this latest movie release will rev up your curiosity and get your heart pumping. Don’t miss this movie now showing in cinemas near you!


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