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Mrs. K is a heart-racing new movie release you have to see!

When it comes to family, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to keep them happy and safe. Mrs. K is a loving housewife who quietly lives with her husband and daughter, but is that really all she is? Find out when you watch our new movie release!

Mrs K | GSC Movies

In this cinema movie, Mrs. K lives a peaceful life with her husband, who works as a doctor, and her daughter who studies martial arts. One day, a former policeman suddenly confronts Mrs. K about her criminal past. Apparently, she used to be the leader of a notorious gang that committed several heinous crimes. The ex-cop threatens to reveal an old crime and have her arrested.


To add oil to the fire, another man from her former life comes back out of the blue. He didn’t come to talk to her, though. He kidnaps Mrs. K’s beloved daughter. This enrages Mrs. K and she is forced to live her old violent ways again in order to fight these men and save her daughter.  Will Mrs. K be able to save her daughter and find out why this man took her? Catch this brand new action movie in cinemas soon!



Mrs. K is impressively played by Hong Kong actress Kara Wai. Alongside her stars Taiwanese singer and actor Wu Bai and award-winning Malaysian actor Faizal Hussein. Ho Yuhang directed this new movie release and brought it to life on screen. He is also famous for directing At the End of Daybreak (2009).


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