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Film distributor Malaysia | Leading movies providerMEMOIR

Malaysia film distribution company | Movies provider

New movies provider | Malaysia movies distributorMEMOIR

    31 May 2018
    99 minutes
    Rapeepimol Chaiyasena (Buay)
  • CAST
    Tina Suppanard, Now Tisanart

Film distribution company | Malaysia movies distributorSYNOPSIS

Daranee, a so-called “good-for-nothing” in her 25 years old. One day, Ploy, a girl same age as Daranee comes inside the store and seems to talking a like in Daranee. She talks about making a fast money and leaves her card for Daranee. She decides to call and meeting with Ploy.

The meeting turns out to be a convention about being a part of insurance company. Daranee begins to dream big. She is sure to be rich from selling the life-insurance. Ploy tells Daranee that she is ready to support her to the end.

At night, she ponders, there is one last contact name on her phone. ‘Yo’, her girl friend from college. Yo picks up her call and talks to her nicely. Yo is easily interested.

Daranee goes to Yo’s place to give her the complete document from the company. The house seems old and has eerie atmosphere, but as Daranee moves and walks away, there is a shadow closely behind her with scary glowing angry red eyes!