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Jlo comedy movie will make you ROFL!

A good comedy movie means making you laugh harder as you should. You know it’s a good one when your tummy starts to hurt and you just can’t stop yourself from laughing. Hence, the tears that start to bud in your eyes. We have three comedy movies starring Jennifer Lopez that we recommend you to watch if you’re looking for a good laugh yourself.

A comedy movie that will give you a fear of having a mother-in-law.


comedy movie - Monster in law

Photo source: IMDb.com


Life is hard but it’s harder when you have a monster for a mother-in-law.  This comedy movie stars Jeniffer Lopez, Michael Vartan, and Jane Fonda. Jlo plays Charlotte, a street-smart and an aspiring fashion designer who meets a doctor named Kelvin Fields, who has a mother by the name Viola Fields, a famous news anchor. Kelvin introduces Charlotte to his mother and everything takes a spiral turn among the life of the three.

A romantic-comedy movie that will make you fall in love again.


comedy movie - maid in manhattan

Photo source: Wikipedia.com

That’s a bummer if you haven’t watched this romantic-comedy movie once in your life. Jennifer Lopez was praised by her acting in this funny movie, where she portrays a single mother and a maid in a famous hotel in the heart of Manhattan. Also starring one of the biggest actor, Ralph Fiennes who plays a senatorial candidate by the name Christopher Marshall. The two made a great tandem in the romantic-comedy movie that even teenagers of today still laugh and fall in love with their characters. So, include this now on your list of funny movies to watch.

A classic comedy movie you would love to watch.


comedy movie - wedding planner

Photo source: IMDb.com

Ah! Who doesn’t want a classic romantic-comedy movie? Produced in 2001, Jennifer Lopez stars in “The Wedding Planner” where she meets and falls for Steve Edison, who has a career as a pediatrician, the two shared a very romantic evening until the other learns that the man she dreams is engaged to be married to his fiancée. Watch the whole movie to know what will happen in the life of these two at the end. And bring a tissue!

Second Act - comedy movie Jlo


Can’t get enough of Jlo’s comical performance in her previous comedy movies? Don’t worry, she has a new movie to come! Second Act is a film directed by Peter Segal starring Jennifer Lopez, Milo Ventimiglia, and Vanessa Hudgens.

Watch the trailer here:

Jennifer Lopez plays Maya, a 40-year-old big box worker whose resume is not for the upper management, but her records certainly scream for a promotion. After losing a job and a promotion to a college-educated candidate, Maya carries out a plan to land her dream job on Madison Avenue by faking her resume and proves that street smarts can also be valuable as book smarts.

Watch JLo perform her Second Act in cinemas 3 January!

Second act - comedy movie

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Second act - comedy movie

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Second act - comedy movie

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second act - comedy movie

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