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Jackie Chan is back with a movie on mythology!

JAckie chan in New mythology movie


Photo Credits: GSC Movies


This Chinese New Year, Jackie Chan is back with his new Chinese movie in which he is a writer of the traditional Chinese mythology — Liao Zai who is also a demons hunter.


Jackie chan in new mythology movie

Photo credits: TheWorldOfChineseMagazine.com


Apart from Liao Zai, there are also many essential myths and legends that mold the Chinese culture. As one the most popular mythology, Journey to the West which was then adapted into various versions of remarkable Chinese movies. This mythology narrates the pilgrimage of the Monk Xuan Zang who traveled to the West in search of Buddhist scriptures with the help of three Chinese mythical creatures who then became his disciples. This magical trio protects Xuan Zang from evil demons who wanted to feast on the holy monk to achieve immortality.


Among all the disciples in this mythology, the Monkey King, also known as the Monkey God is widely known for his arrogant and aggressiveness. The mythology explains that the monkey god was imprisoned under the Buddha’s palm for 500 years as a punishment of his misbehavior in heaven. His final reparation was to assists Xuan Zang throughout his journey to the West.


Jackie Chan in new mythology movie

Photo credits: GSC Movies


Another mythology talks about the tales between the god of Archer, Hou Yi and the moon goddess, Chang E. This mythology is also the story behind the celebration of the Moon Festivals and mooncakes. Hou Yi was banished from the heaven and got his immortality stripped off after shooting down nine suns in the mythology. He was given an elixir of evil by the Divine Mother of the West who pities him. However, his wife Chang E found and ate the elixir. The immortal moon goddess then ascended to the moon palace with her only companion, the Jade Rabbit.



jackie chan in new mythology movie

 Photo credits: GSC Movies


In Jackie Chan latest movie, it explains the origin of Liao Zai—one of the most fabulous books of Chinese mythology of all time. With fun and comedic approach, Jackie Chan plays the role of Pu SongLing, the writer Liao Zai. In this fantasy film, Jackie Chan works together with some Chinese mythical creatures to hunt down demons and finish his mythology writings. He compiles his experiences and stories into the book.


Muthology film Amazing Spring Poster starring Jackie chan



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