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Horror Movie meets Funny Movie: Killer Clowns, back from the dead

 Killer Clowns, back from the dead, Horror movies. GSC Movies Malaysia

“What’s the worst that can happen?” Fans of horror movies around the world would know these famous last words. The words that is usually followed by nothing good! Bringing you all the latest movies is Malaysia’s No. 1 movie provider, GSC Movies! This time around, we are bringing you The Night Watchmen, a movie with the combination of horror and comedy. Sure to satisfy your crave for horror movies and comedy movies at once, it is definitely one of the must watch movies of this month!


TNW_16_HQ used


Set in Baltimore, The Night Watchmen has elements of zombies, vampires and killer clowns. What more can one ask for in a horror movie? The movie tells the story of 3 inept watchmen, a rookie, and a fearless tabloid journalist who are thrown into a messed up situation due to a simple warehouse delivery mix up. With an office building full of hungry vampire clowns, how are 5 ordinary people gonna save themselves? Not to mention, if they fail, all of Baltimore would be facing the threat of these…Clownpires.


HOLD IT! Before you go running away screaming, you should know that this movie isn’t all jump scares and inherently creepy clowns. The Night Watchmen, is also a funny movie, with the cheesy acting and scripts, not to mention farting clown vampires. They finally manage to defeat the clownpires with a never before used technique. You will not be disappointed with the jump scares and the hilarious one-liners. Remember to catch The Night Watchmen in cinemas 23rd March.


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