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Horror Movies That Even Scarier Than Russians


What is your first impression over Russians? Don’t hesitate while you answer. They are scary, grumpy and serious all the time? Erm… perhaps a strong economic country? AH-HA! Strong military forces! All these are typical and stereotype towards Russians portrayed by the western world. But they just have the aura that potentially scares us off, even their horror movies. Here are the 3 main reasons why Russian scares us off. (Not Stereotype)


Reason 1 – Russian Tone and Voice

GSC Movies | Horror Movies Even Scarier Than Russians?!

They normally speak in a low tone and harsh voice that pretty much makes people feel intimidated as if they have offended them. However, this is just the way Russian language sounds.
Have you ever seen any Russians drinking in a local bar? They aren’t always like the western portrays, showing them drinking Absolute Vodka and speaks loudly in the public, even in horror movies, which is pretty much one of the reasons Russians typically scares us off.


Reason 2 – Military and Russian Spy

GSC Movies | Horror Movies Even Scarier Than Russians?!

Photo Source: businessbreakingnews.net


This has to date back into the Cold War era, when Russia is still being known as the Soviet Union, their military forces are widely shown in public, a superpower country that can go against the mighty United States. Even until today, the Putin Era, the Russian military still stands strong and have their military marching parade every year, exhibiting their military strength towards the world.
Another reason that we know Russian is because of a Russian spy. Almost 90% of the Hollywood movies portrayed spies and intelligence agent are from Russia, especially the villains. This practically shapes the public’s opinion on “bad spy” relates to Russians, even in horror movies. Over time, this has become a norm in society. Sometimes, we know that it’s just a stereotypical opinion towards them, but it is a solid reason to scares us off, isn’t it?


Reason 3 – Russian Horror Movies


As far as non-stereotypical opinion goes, this is the best. Russian horror movies have slowly been evolving and emerging into the world. “The Bride” and “Dead Daughters” have pushed the Russian horror movies into new heights, some even dares you to watch it alone. This makes us another reason why Russian scares us off – because of their horror movies!


GSC Movies | Horror Movies Even Scarier Than Russians?!


Photo Source: GSC Movies


Speaking of horror movies, there is one showing in cinemas now, it is called “Quiet Comes The Dawn”. Directed by Pavel Sidorov and the beautiful Russian actress Alexandra Drozdova, this is one of the most anticipated Russian Horror Movie of the year. The movie focuses not only on ghost and horror but also on nightmares and reality.


There is some really gruesome and horrifying scene inside a timid tunnel where they are trying to escape from their horrid dream. What brings out the best is perhaps how well they blend in between nightmares and reality, in a specific time at dawn, making it one of the best and most terrifying horror movies of the year.



Photo Source: GSC Movies


Quiet Comes The Dawn talks about a female protagonist is having extremely vivid nightmares after the mysterious death of her brother. She decided to visit the Institute of somnology to seek help along with other patients. Together, they were induced into a ‘collective lucid dream’. However, a different reality awaits them at dawn, which is far more terrifying than any of their nightmares…
Don’t miss out on this Russian horror movie that is released in all Malaysia cinemas now! Do check out the movie trailer and poster below.



GSC Movies | Horror Movies Even Scarier Than Russians?!

Photo credit: GSC Movies



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