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Here’s a New Movie Release for the Romantics At Heart

Ever heard of the saying “The more you hate, the more you love”? Perhaps you’ve liked someone who is the complete different of your envisioned soulmate? If you have, then you’re sure to like GSC’s new movie release where we find two polar opposites who ungracefully stumble into love.


 New Movie Release


In this new movie entitled ‘This Is Not What I Expected’, Lu Jin is a multibillionaire-CEO. He travels around the world in search of hotels worth acquiring in order to grow his company. From the beginning of this romantic comedy movie, we see that Lu is a ruthless perfectionist. He evaluates hotels with keen brutality and is not afraid to call out the staff for their poor performance or, worse, to fire them. More than that, Lu is an obsessive food expert. He has overly strict rules when it comes to his personal dining. He doesn’t even eat food that he can’t cook within three minutes!


Gu Shengnan is the complete opposite of Lu in this new movie release. She is a lively and quirky sous chef at Rosebud Hotel, one of the hotels Lu plans on acquiring. After disliking everything else about the hotel, Lu falls in love with one of the dishes Gu cooks. The two encounter each other several times outside the hotel finding that they share mutual hatred for each other. Meanwhile, Lu has no idea that Gu is the chef that cooks the food that he so loves at Rosebud Hotel. Will hate turn into love somewhere along the way?



The wondrous involvement of food actually gives the film a unique quality that’s unusual in romantic movies. Hollywood Reporter, in their review for the movie, writes “From the sizzling griddle that opens the story to a hallucinogenic trip triggered by blowfish toxin, this engagingly goofy romantic comedy speaks the international language of food”. And even though they thought the chemistry between the two characters were somewhat amiss, they wrote “You will, however, learn a valuable lesson on how to make the perfect instant ramen”.


Based on web novelist Lan Bai Se’s ‘A Long Time Coming’, this must-watch movie will surely touch your heart and make you laugh. This is also Derek Hui’s directoral debut for a feature film. He is known for being the youngest nominee for Best Film Editing in the Hong Kong Film Awards and for editing top movies like Soulmate. This latest movie stars the dashing Takeshi Kaneshiro as Lu Jin. Alongside him is the young and beautiful Zhou Dongyu as Gu Shengnan.


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