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Experience adventure at 5 most haunted places!

A new year has begun and it’s time to set foot on a new adventure. Give your journey a little twist by visiting haunted places around the world. Go on a trip that will not just send shivers to your spine but to your soul as well. Give that paranormal activity a try by going in an adventure by yourself or with your friends!


If you are planning for a haunted adventure trip, here are scary sites to visit:


Adventure in Salem 


Adventure museum - Salem

Photo source: alamo.com


Remember the infamous Salem witch trials where countless fantasy and thriller movies were loosely based on? Salem has been known to be haunted due to the unjust killings happened in the 16th century. Nineteen people were executed after being suspected as a witch and as of today those people still haunts the haunted place. Travel to Massachusetts to experience this scary location and visit the haunted cemetery that will give you a paranormal chill. This place is a site you must experience in your next adventure!


Be brave to try an adventure in Pennsylvania


adventure in Pennsylvania

Photo source: alamo.com


Bravery and courage is a must when spending your time in venturing out in an adventure. Especially if you travel to a haunted place like the Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania, known for housing notorious criminals and murderers in the 18th century until its operation ceased on 1971. Today, staff and guests reckon their paranormal experience stating that they see shadows, apparitions, and a gripping negative force whenever they are in the haunted place.


Horror adventure in the sea


Horror adventure -sea

Photo source: SteelCactus.com


Beautiful yet haunted, this is the description of The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. This magnificent ocean liner spent 30 years at sea before settling in the dock of Long Beach, California. Fifty deaths were reported during its sail, making it one of the most haunted ships in the world. Try an adventure with your family here or better yet, try it alone to see if the paranormal reports are true.


 Morning brunch in a murder scene- a paranormal adventure you must try!


paranormal adventure house

Photo source: wikipedia.com


There’s nothing better than a scrumptious breakfast, add the fact that the place is a witness of murder happened in the 18th century. Lizzie Borden House allegedly turned into a haunted bed and breakfast diner after a highly publicized murder happened in Fall River, Massachusetts. Eating your breakfasts with a ghost flipping your plate? Sounds an adventure to me!


Adventure in a spooky mansion


People who go on an adventure to explore this place say this mansion is filled with strange stuff and paranormal phenomena. It is known to be a haunted place filled with spirits of people who died by the Winchester rifle, a gun company owned by Sarah Winchester and her late husband. As of today, people claim that they can still feel negative energy on the property. Better go on an adventure and see for yourself if the rumors are true!


adventure spooky mansion

Photo source: goldstar.com


Mojin - Adventure film poster

Watch the trailer here: 



Directed by Fei Xing, Mojin: The Worm Valley is a sequel of the famous hit Mojin: The Lost Legend. Starring in this adventure movie is Cai Heng, Gu Xuan, Yu Heng, Chen Yusi.


Mojin - Adventure film shot


A group of people set out for an adventure in a secret underground waterway of an ancient mountain to find a tomb of a known emperor. The group faces a lot of paranormal obstacles in this adventure film so watch it in theaters to know what will happen in the end.


Watch Mojin: The Worm Valley in cinemas 29 December!


Adventure girl


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