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Get ready to see things you don’t normally see in this new horror movie!

Everyone has a ghost story to tell. Some only get the feeling – a sudden wind slamming the window, a shadow lurking behind the door or a chill down the spine while walking amidst the night. While some see things those people don’t usually see – a headless nun closing the window, a demonic figure hiding behind the door, or a bloody war soldier marching inside the dark room. The difference? An open third eye.



Photo source: setyadyc.blogspot.com

Third eye, according to scholars, is located in the middle of the forehead about an inch above the eyebrows. It is an invisible, mystical eye referred to as “the soul’s gate”.  Chinese believed that people who have an open third eye or “yin yang eyes” are those able to see what lies beyond -ghosts and spirits.

Photo source: psychologytoday.com

Luckily for some, the third eye remains closed forever. But have you ever wondered what will you see once it is opened?


Unravel the mysteries behind third eye in the new horror movie, Mata Batin coming on cinemas, April 15!





Rocky Soraya, director of The Doll brings yet another horror movie, Mata Batin starring Jessica Mila, Bianca Hello, Denny Sumargo, and Citra Prima.


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