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Fall in love in the romantic city, London!

“London Eye” is quite a common word that shows up in British love song lyrics since Ferris wheel is a synonym to “romantic”. Well, do you know that there’s a romantic legend about the Ferris wheel? People usually say that if you kiss your sweetie while the Ferris wheel reaches its highest point, then you both will remain a devoted couple till the end of your lives. It is quite a common legend you can easily find in most of the love stories.


Since the biggest Ferris wheel in Europe is in London, so it is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. In that case, there’s never a shortage of movies setting in London, especially romantic movies. In order to feel the love from the romantic city, we have prepared a list of romantic love movies that set in the city.


Love sparks in London

Photo credits: GSC Movies


About Time: travels in time for his London sweetie!


The setting of About Time is in a very real London town. Hence, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the city in the movie. It’s one of the romantic movies that are related to time travel. Well, the time travelers are Tim and his father.


Love sparks in London

Photo credits: standard.co.uk


At the age of 21, Tim’s father tells him that the men in their family have the ability to travel back in time. Hence, he keeps using the ability to change what has happened in his own life. But things get complicated after he goes after his crush, Mary. With all the touching scenes of him traveling back in time just to make things right between him and Mary, this movie is definitely one of the best romantic movies.


Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham: travels to London for his loved ones


This movie is definitely one of the best Indian romantic movies setting in London. There is one plot line features a young man, Rohan going to the city in order to reunite with his brother and also his crush, Pooja. But his brother left home years ago after falling out with their parents. Hence, Rohan can’t tell his parents about his true purpose of traveling to London. So he tells his parents that he wishes to pursue further studies in the city.


Love sparks in London

Photo credits: Brown Girl Magazine


In the romantic city, Rohan and Pooja finally fall in love with each other. And with the help of Pooja, he manages to fix the relationship among his family members by inviting his parents to London. With all the romantic and touching scenes in the city, this movie has eventually shown the audience a romanticized look of London.


London Sweeties: expresses love by using the language of the heart!


In the upcoming Thai love movie, there are a group of youngsters traveling to London with all kinds of purposes. A young girl, Pron goes to London to attend her sister’s wedding. Because of her inability to speak English fluently, her sister, Pen encourages her to take an English course.


Love sparks in London

Photo credits: GSC Movies


There, she meets two other Thais, Bo and Jude. Bo travels to London for his sweetie who’s going to study at a university in London, while Jude is there to find himself an English girlfriend to strike off one of his bucket lists. Also, a French student named Antoine, joins them after he gets attracted by Pron’s cute and yet weird personality. But how can they communicate without sharing a common language?


Wonder how will these people jump over the language barrier and express love to their sweeties? Let’s find it out in the upcoming movie, London Sweeties sending love and laughter to cinemas 2 May! You can also see lots of London famous and fabulous scenic spots in the movie as well!



Love sparks in London

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