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Ever heard of these 3 terrifying Malaysian Ghost Stories?

Halloween might be far from now, but it won’t stop us from telling some ghost stories. Besides, supernatural beings can lurk in the dark anytime of the month and anywhere you go.


Today, we have rounded up three popular ghost figures in Malay culture that you might have heard from adults or seen in Malaysian horror movies while you were young.




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Aisha is a young girl with Photophobia, a rare condition that causes the eyes to be sensitive to extreme light accompanied by a severe headache. She was horribly abused and murdered by evil men who also took pictures of her. According to the legend, she will kill anyone who looks at her photo.


Orang Minyak


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Known as the “oily man”, the Orang Minyak is a demon completely covered in black oil with bald held and glowing eyes. He was said to be cursed by a demon when he asked for it to make him look handsome in order to win back his love.


He preys on women at night by braking into their bedrooms as they sleep. The Orang Minyak’s dark silhouette made him impossible for the victims to spot during the night and the slippery texture of the oil in his body made him difficult for them to catch.




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Also spelled as langsuir or lang suyar, the Langsuir is a ghost of a woman who died while giving birth to a stillborn child. Due to the mother’s grief, the ghost turned into a flying banshee with ankle-length hair, long sharp nails and is dressed in green.


The Langsuir haunts coastal areas and is fond of sucking the blood out of fishes. Due to jealousy, the Langsuir also attacks pregnant women. She has a hole in the back of her neck which she uses to suck the blood out of his victims.


New British Horror movie


A young girl, a devil, and a woman who died during birth…


Just like these popular Malaysian myths and ghost legends, a new horror movie release also has a similar spooky story to tell.


Get yourselves ready to experience three inexplicable cases that will haunt your dreams: A night watchman haunted by a young girl, an occult-obsessed teenager who encounters the Devil in the woods, and a financer visited by the ghost of his wife who have died giving birth to an inhuman child.


Ghost stories is a must-watch scary movie coming soon in movie cinemas 12 July!

 Horror movie



Directed by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman, Ghost Stories is starred by Martin Freeman, Andy Nyman, Paul Whitehouse.


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