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Dragon Blade movie to be released in 2015

14 Oct 2014 – Recently, there has been a rumour circulating online claiming that Dragon Blade, Jackie Chan’s newest movie, has postponed its release. Today, we confirm once again that the Dragon Blade movie — as announced at the start of production — will be released on 19th February 2015 (Chinese New Year’s Day). The movie has never been shifted its plan to open on this key release date.


In the rumour circulating online, it is claimed that Jackie Chan has delayed the  release for personal reasons. We confirm that the new Dragon Blade movie will still open on 19th February 2015 (Chinese New Year’s Day) in cinemas across Asia. This date was announced during the press conference at the Beijing International Film Festival six months ago, and the release date has never been changed.


Regarding the concern about Jackie Chan’s rumoured absence from the film’s promotion, the spokesman expresses that Dragon Blade is in the great tradition of popular Jackie Chan movies in which we will see adventure, action and camaraderie. It is family entertainment that combines spectacular action scenes with a moving story. Such a grand scale production — involving thousands of actors and crew — could not be affected by a single individual. Moreover, Jackie Chan holds his newest film in the highest regard and will fully devote himself to its promotion and publicity campaigns.


The blockbuster Dragon Blade, is directed by renowned Hong Kong filmmaker Daniel Lee, and stars international A-list actors, including Jackie Chan, John Cusack and the Academy Award-winning Adrien Brody. This film has taken Daniel Lee and Jackie Chan seven years to produce, with its unprecedented US$65 million budget setting a new record for Chinese cinema.


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