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Death will haunt you in this new horror movie!

Have you ever lost a loved one? A grandparent, parent, sibling, relative or a friend? If you have, then you would definitely agree with us when we say there is nothing more painful and devastating than a loved one passing away.


According to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, there are five responses to loss that many people tend to experience upon losing someone. Read below to discover these five stages that will also serve as tools to help you frame and identify what you may have been feeling during those difficult times.


  • Denial



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“This can’t be happening”. This is perhaps the first thing that will come to anyone’s mind upon hearing the loss of someone they love. Denial is a normal reaction and it’s our brain’s way of ensuring that we don’t get too much of a grief in one blow. For most people experiencing grief, it’s a temporary response that carries us through the first wave of pain.


  • Anger



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After denial has worn off and reality finally hits us, the pain will re-emerge. The intense emotion that we are feeling are then redirected and expressed as anger. It’s a phase where you will find yourself angry at someone, maybe the person who didn’t attend the funeral, an inanimate object, complete strangers or even your loved one who passed away.


  • Bargaining


hands praying

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Anyone will do anything for their loved one. This will emerge once you are in the bargaining stage of grief. You will often tell “If only” statements such as “If only we brought him/her to the doctor sooner”, “If only we took care of them really well in the first place”, “If only we sought second opinion from another doctor”. Bargaining will take place and you will find yourself making a truce with God or a higher being telling things like “I will never be angry at my husband again if you let him live”.


  • Depression



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In the fourth stage, the feeling of depression will take place. Empty feelings will present themselves and grief will enter your life in a deeper level. It’s best to remember that this depression is not a mental illness; it’s only one of the many necessary steps you need to go through towards healing.


  • Acceptance



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The last stage is about accepting the reality that your loved one is physically gone and that there is no way to get them back. We finally learn to live with it and carry on with our everyday lives. Coping with loss is indeed, a personal experience for everyone. However, do note that not everyone go through all of these stages. Some may skip some phases while some may experience something different or unusual – most especially if the death of a loved one may have been associated with something supernatural.

Death of a loved one - Supernatural

Photo source: cnnindonesia.com

Sri's family - Kafir - Horror Movie

Photo source: kincir.com


Meet Sri’s family. Their life is once peaceful and harmonious but things turned differently after the head of their family died. After Herman’s gruesome death of spitting blood with a glass, her wife, Sri turned into a strange, frightened, and often paranoid woman.

paranoid woman - Sri - Kafir, Horror Movie

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Feature review - Kafir, Horror Movie

Photo source: kincir.com


Worried that their mother will suffer the same fate as their father, Sri’s children, Dina and Andi tried to solve the mystery through a secret photo that was deliberately stored by Sri.


Mysterious photo - Kafir Thriller Movie

Photo source: kincir.com


Mysterious events soon plagued their family and the entire village like the village Shaman’s house being burnt to the ground.


Village Shaman - Kafir

Photo source: kincir.com


What fate will befall Sri’s family? Will Dina and Andi find out the cause of the strange occurrences and save their mother? Find out in the new horror movie, Kafir – coming soon in cinemas 8 November!

Kafir -horror movie Poster


Kafir is a new Indonesian horror movie Azhar Kinoi Lubis.It starred Putri Ayudya, Sujiwo Tejo, Indah Permatasari.


If you are looking for a horror movie with a strong and gripping story, Kafir is definitely one to watch!


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