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Creepy kids in horror thriller movies

thriller movie  with creepy kidsPhoto credits: GSC Movies


There is never a shortage of scary, creepy and supernatural kids in the landscape of horror-thriller movies. Arguably, we should never deter the spooky kids with by their sizes, their disturbing behaviors can be so much scarier than the grown-ups. Even if these paranormal movies are unsettling and disturbing, we still love them, don’t we? Here are a list of some scariest kids from our favorite horror- thriller movies.


Damien from the horror-thriller – The Omen


thriller movie  with creepy kids

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The Omen is one of the most classic horror-thriller movies and Damien from the movie is definitely one of our favorite supernatural kids of all times. Damien came from a privileged family but this abnormal child with very disturbing behaviors was believed to be born in an evil incarnated hospital. His real identity in this horror-thriller movie as the son of Satan was revealed when a couple of paranormal and supernatural murders start to occur. These disturbed deaths proved Damien’s only goal was to take over the world for his unearthly father.


Regan from the horror-thriller movie– The Exorcist


thriller movie  with creepy kids

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The Exorcist is said to be one of the most brilliant horror- thriller movies of all times. The movie is about a disturbed and abnormal young girl, Regan who was inhabited by the one and only Satan. From a sweet and innocent girl, Regan became an extremely abnormal and a dangerous demon. This horror-thriller movie keeps the audience shuddering on their seats when a battle of evil and good between Regan was unraveled that leads to all her unbelievable and disturbing behaviors.


Miles from the new thriller movie –The Prodigy


thriller movie  with creepy kids

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To make the list more thrilling than it already is, the supernatural kid Jackson Robert Scott from The Prodigy is ready to wreak havoc and gives you nightmares. Jackson is no stranger to the landscape of horror-thriller movies. With his breakthrough role in one of the most-liked paranormal horror-thriller IT, Jackson was given the role of Miles, a supernatural kid with abnormal behaviors who comes into the audiences’ eyes like an innocent boy with blessed advanced intelligent in his skeleton Halloween costume.


Unlike any other horror-thriller movie, The Prodigy is not just about disturbed and violent scenes. Miles’ personality has a great balance between a sweet child and a horrifying demon. Miles’ disturbing behaviors signal that an abnormal and supernatural force has overtaken his body. Miles has become a threat to his classmates and his family. The specialists suggest that he is special, and also dangerous to be around with.


thriller movie  with creepy kids

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Taylor Schilling who plays the role of Sarah, mother of Miles is trading her orange jumpsuit for her first horror-thriller movies role in The Prodigy. Sarah is determined to investigate the cause of her son’s abnormal behaviors and is ready to protect her family and her son. Sarah is forced to choose between her maternal instinct and her humanity while she dived deeper into a supernatural and very disturbed past event.


Prodigy thriller movie poster

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Watch the trailer of the most anticipated horror-thriller movie.



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