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Communicating with spirits in the house of Guests


“There are such things as ghosts, spirits…” Do you agree with this?


There’s always someone somewhere in the world who are trying to justify the existence of ghosts and spirits, someone who is obsessed with communicating with spirits, especially people who have a deep fascination on ghosts.


While it can seem like an impossible achievement to a lot of people; every once in a while, there’s always a someone who’s “lucky” enough to be chosen to be involved in the communication.


It won’t necessarily be a proper conversation. For instance, the ghost might want to say hello by giving you just a knock from the wall. Who knows?


Communicating with spirits in a few ways


Well, if you have this personal obsession towards meeting our friends (AKA spirits) from the other side, here’s a few ways that we have come across to. However, do this at your own risk, therefore think twice before executing on your spooky plan!


Communicating with spirits with A Ouija board




(Photo credit: Allure)


We believe this method can be seen in many movies. This method might be the most obvious way if you want to connect with spirits or even loved ones who’d gone away. Ouija board is being commercialised as the “wonderful talking board”. On the board, there will be alphabet letters, numbers, “yes” and “no”, and “goodbye” at the bottom part. It comes with a planchette, which is described as a teardrop-shaped device.


The idea is to have a few people sit around the board, posing questions while placing their fingertips on the planchette. And literally, the planchette will start moving its own from letter to letter, and there goes the conversation. Communicating with spirits never sound so easy, right?


Communicating with spirits with a mirror



(Photo credit: Avopix)


Using just a mirror and you might be able to make friends with the spirits? Many have believed that mirrors can lead you to other dimensions. Scrying, where people do mirror-gazing has been a long-known method for communicating with spirits. This has to be done when the person is in a complete relaxed mode. Sit in front of a mirror, recommended to be in a quiet room. Breathe deeply and begin to gaze into the mirror when you feel most relaxed.


And with luck, you will start seeing shadows or hear noises around.

And what if, the ways mentioned above are not working? Maybe, just maybe… you may try this, which is a more aggressive way, and it might put you in a life-death situation~

Communicating with spirits in GUESTS


 Communicating with spirits in the house of Guests


Communicating with spirits in the house of Guests


(Photo credit: GSC Movies)


Guests is an upcoming horror movie that will spike your curiosity in finding the truth. In this movie, the main actress, Katya, meets a group of customers, who are about the same age as her in her workplace. These young people have a unique idea of fun- throwing parties in an empty private house. They also held seances in the house. However, little do they know; the secluded house has been hosted spiritual seances in the early 1900s.


Katya also met someone that she wasn’t expecting to see at all… The whole situation eventually leads them to run for their lives. Will they be able to survive from the spirits till the dawn?

If you like a story that involves communicating with spirits, GUESTS is the horror movie you should check out! Let’s pray for the really hard in the cinemas and watch these youngsters fight for their destiny on this coming July 18!



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