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Check out this new comedy-drama movie that you won’t easily forget!

Do you tend to forget things easily? Perhaps you have once stopped in a middle of something and said to yourself:


“Wait, what did I come here for?”

“Where have I left my keys?”

“Oh my! I left the stove open again!”


If these scenarios are just a daily occurrence in your life or if you happen to know someone who has memory slips from time to time, then it’s easy to assume the worst that can happen.


For those who are young, forgetfulness is somehow normal and can be easily traced to stress, medication, not getting enough sleep, and hormonal changes. But as we age, forgetfulness is something to look closely upon, as memory loss can be a symptom of more serious conditions that lead to dementia.


Comedy Movie

Photo source: newswire.net


Dementia, contrary to what others think, is not a disease. It is a term that describes a set of symptoms that may include memory loss and difficulties with thinking, problem-solving or language that are severe enough to affect one’s daily life.


People with dementia usually have problems with short term memory – remembering appointments, keeping track of a key, or preparing meals.


Comedy Movie

Photo source: rxeconsult.com


If any of your loved ones is experiencing these symptoms, don’t ignore them. Make it a point to be there for the ones you love, most especially when they need you the most.


Learn from the story of Tin Lik-hang, a washed-out film director with a dementia-ridden father and also the protagonist in the new drama-comedy movie, Shed Skin Papa. This family movie focusing on the beauty of a father-son relationship will tug at your heartstrings and will also make you laugh. A must-watch movie coming soon in movie theatres before Father’s Day!


Comedy Movie



Shed Skin Papa is a Hong Kong drama-comedy movie directed by Roy Szeto starring Francis Ng and Louis Koo.


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