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Can you solve the mystery in this upcoming movie?

The third instalment of the Kill Zone (Sha Po Lang) is finally arriving! Get ready for thrilling action scenes, bold martial arts moves, and renowned actor Louis Koo. Paradox is an upcoming movie you surely won’t want to miss!

Upcoming movie

This latest movie release tells the story of Lee Chung-chi who was quietly carrying out his police duties in Hong Kong. He is suddenly informed that his 16-year-old daughter Lee Wing-chi has gone missing in Pattaya. Chung-chi rushes to Thailand and gets help from Chui Kit and Tak, detectives in the area. The group also chances upon Sasha, a notorious gangster.


In a hurricane of clues, Chung-chi and his accomplices find out that a political candidate of Bangkok seems to be behind the kidnapping. To top the mystery off, it’s apparently for an urgent heart transplant.  Chung-chi suspects Sasha and Cheng Hon-sau, the candidate’s assistant, of taking his daughter.


Will Chung-chi be able to find his daughter alive? Catch this upcoming movie in cinemas near you on August 24!


Veteran Hong Kong actor Louis Koo takes the lead role in this cinema movie as Lee Chung-chi. Alongside him are international action stars that bring life to the upcoming movie. Tony Jaa from Thailand, Wu Yue an actor and martial artist from mainland China, and Chris Collins, a specialist in American Silat.


The upcoming movie was directed by Wilson Yip famous for handling the crowd-loved action movies such as Ip Man series and Flash Point. Sammo Hung Kam Po served as the action director in this film.


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