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Can you figure out these friends could escape in our latest movie?

Sherlock Holmes and Detective Conan fans, you’ve probably heard of (and dreamed of going to) escape rooms. How better to test your detective potentials than by using it in an actual mystery case? Escape rooms are an awesome idea for bonding with your friends and family. Well, except when the escape room is being handled by a serial killer just like in our latest movie!


 ER-Poster 27x39 (V5) A


Escape Room is a scary movie that tells the story of six good friends. It’s Tyler’s 30th birthday and Christen, his girlfriend, has thought of a great gift to give him: tickets to an escape room. Together with four of their closest friends, Tyler and Christen take a fancy (and also ominous) van to the place. In the escape room, the six friends find themselves immersed in the mysterious cases in each room.


As they solve mystery after mystery, they begin to feel something off about the game. Christen disappears and she is suddenly shown on a TV monitor, naked and locked up in a cage. There is a timer counting down to what seems like Christen’s last hour to live. Tyler is doubtful at first but the game takes a dark turn and things suddenly become a violent bloody mess. Will Tyler, Christen, and their friends be able to escape? Find out what happens when you catch this latest movie!


Escape room is a new horror movie directed by Will Wernick. This latest movie stars Evan Williams as Tyler and Annabelle Stephenson as Christen.


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