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Boundless love story always wins last!

Every love story comes with a common phrase – “I love you”. It’s just like honey to a bee. You will always feel butterflies in your stomach when your crush says that magic words. It’s because of your love hormone, oxytocin is tricking your brain, and mostly your heart.  Some people even said that kind of feeling makes them feel alive.


But have you ever wonder if humans are not the only kind of living being that can feel love? Yes, you see it right! A love story doesn’t just appear among humans.  Non-human beings can also feel it. But let’s be frank, love is never an easy task for all of us, not to mention the non-humans.


Here is a list of romantic movies involving a human and non-human! Let’s take a look at their love stories and see how they solve their relationship problems.

  Couples in love story film

Photo credits: GSC Movies


Beauty and the Beast: the most famous love story!


beauty & beast love story

Photo credits: Vox


It’s a remake of most people’s childhood fairytale. Belle, a kind, beauteous, and yet independent human lady, get imprisoned by a hideous beast. But after a few times of rescuing her from dangers, Belle takes the first step to walk into the Beast’s heart and teach him how to care and even love someone. Then, the Beast chooses to step out after Belle’s few attempts. This is when their love story starts.


But things don’t go well among them. The villagers find out about that and they try to kill the Beast and stop them from loving each other. The tension scene of the Beast protecting Belle is surely the highlight of their sweet love story. At last, love wins the battle, while he wins the beauty’s heart.


The Mermaid: the best-adapted love story!

the mermaid love story

Photo credits: Mtime


This funny romantic movie is definitely one of the strange story comparing to other mermaid love story. A playboy business tycoon, Liu Xuan bumps into a mermaid, Shan acting like a common human being. He doesn’t aware that he is her target to kill. This is because of his project is actually threatening the ecosystem of her and her race’s habitat. She is here to seek revenge!


But plans never go as planned. After several times of unexpected dating, he takes her as his soulmate, even though he finds out her true identity – a mermaid who’s going to kill him. Well, as you might expect, their love story starts while she is touched and in love with him because of his efforts. By the way, the funny scenes while Liu Xuan is solving their relationship issue are going to make you collapse with laughter.


When Ghost Meets Zombie: the most extraordinary love story!

love story film

Photo credits: ONE Championship


There is never a shortage of non-human couples in love story. But what about a ghost-and-zombie couple? In this upcoming movie, When Ghost Meets Zombie, the zombie isn’t craving for a brain, but love! Before Zhen Zhen becomes a ghost, she met the handsome zombie, Pong starring Nathan Hartono in Thailand. She somehow gets stuck inside his body after she has died. Hence, they have literally become “soulmates”.


But things get complicated while Pong falls in love with her. To fulfill her dream, he even forces himself to take part in a male beauty pageant! He definitely has the most heartfelt zombie love!

  when ghost meets zombie love story film

Photo credits: GSC Movies


Wonder if they are going to win the competition, and their love story is going to have a happy ending? Find it out in When Ghost Meets Zombie, hitting cinemas 18 April to laugh and cry with both of them! It’s certainly an awesome ghost-and-zombie love story you have never heard before!



when ghost meets zombie love story film poster

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