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Best Comedy Movies for CNY 2020

Besides sending heart-warming wishes and receiving red packets (Ang Pow), Chinese New Year is also about bringing your family out for a good comedy movie. Nothing beats a good laugh!


GSCMovies are here to provide you the best comedy movies that you absolutely shouldn’t miss for this CNY 2020.


1. The Grand Grandmaster


After 18 years since his first-ever directed movie Fighting To Survive, Dayo Wong is determined to self-directed and self-acted in a comedy movie that he truly desires in The Grand Grandmaster.

GSC Movies | Best Comedy Movies for CNY 2020 | TGGM 1

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The movie itself complies with some of his famous stand-up comedy taglines, sublimely connecting the dots across the movie, making it a non-stop comedy action. Besides, most of the males will fall for Annie Liu’s breathtaking figures as she trained hard to be a boxer for The Grand Grandmaster.

GSC Movies | Best Comedy Movies for CNY 2020 | TGGM 2

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If you are looking for something that makes you laugh till you cry for 90 minutes, perhaps The Grand Grandmaster is your top choice for best comedy movies for this CNY.

TGG-Poster 27x39 (CNY2020)-crop



The Grand Grandmaster talks about Ma Fei Long (Dayo Wong), a ninth-generation descendant of the Ma Family’s Thunder Fist who was unfortunately defeated by a female passer-by on the streets named Chen Zhen (Annie Liu).


In order to regain his reputation, Fei Long has to settle things once and for all with Chen Zhen under the boxing ring. Much to his surprise, he gradually falls in love with Chen. Will he be able to win both the match and Chen’s heart in the end?


Catch this action-comedy in cinemas this CNY.



2. Fightlah! Kopitiam


If there’s one thing that makes Malaysia’s Chinese New Year so special, that would be the consistent CNY movie production by Jack Lim.

GSC Movies | Best Comedy Movies for CNY 2020 | FLK 1

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This time, he’s back with a bunch of actors, YouTubers as well as KOL in his latest comedy movie, Fightlah! Kopitiam. This movie has a well blend of fusion elements that includes Korean Oppa, nostalgic Kopitiam shops, action kickboxing, most importantly, only-Malaysians-could-get-it jokes.

GSC Movies | Best Comedy Movies for CNY 2020 | FLK 2

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With the addition of rising comedian, Jasper and local actress Wai Fun as the “Lady Boss” added into the cast lineup, Fightlah! Kopitiam is the definitely one of the best comedy movies for CNY 2020. One that makes you ROTFL!

GSC Movies | 5 Best Chinese New Year Entertainment of 2020 | FLK



Bao Li Jin (Jack Lim), the 2nd generation owner of “Kopitiam Ada Bukit Ada Air”, struggling to keep up the coffee shop business after his father (Uncle Frankie) suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Things got worse when Tao (an arrogant developer) wants to acquire his Kopitiam lot.


He is then challenged in a boxing match fight to stop Tao’s tyranny and keep his Kopitiam. Will he succeed? Find out more on this comedy movie in cinemas 30 Jan.



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