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APink’s Son Na-eun stars in new horror movie!

If you’re a fan of the popular K-pop girl group, APink then you surely know Son Na-eun! This year, she makes her debut in the big screen in an upcoming horror movie in Korea, The Wrath.


Son Na-eun - Wrath Horror Movie

Photo source: soompi.com


Son Na-eun - Wrath Horror Movie

Photo source: soompi.com


In a press conference, Son Na-eun talks about starring in a horror movie for the first time. According to her, it was a genre that she wants to try at some point. She felt a lot of pressure and worry but with the help of the director and staff, she was able to have fun while filming even though it was actually a scary movie.

Son Na-eun - Wrath Horror movie

Photo source: eontalk.com


Na-eun also tells of a horrifying experience while on set. In the middle of night, she saw a silhouette of a man whom she thought was their director. But after asking the director the morning after, she found out that he was just sleeping in the car the whole night!

In the Korean film, she will star alongside Seo Young Hee, Park Min Ji, Lee Tae Ri, and many more.


The Wrath – Korean Horror Movie


The Wrath is a remake of the classic movie in 1986, “Woman’s Wail” directed by Lee Hyeok-su which was regarded as one of the best Korean horror movie.


The story tells of Ok-bun who is brought to a great mansion where mysterious deaths have occurred. She will meet the lady of the house, Madam Shin with skeletons in her closet. Ok-bun must obey the rules of the house and will later face terrifying truths beyond imagination.


Wrath horror movie poster

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Photo source: eontalk.com


Wrath Horror movie staring - Son Na-eun

Photo source: eontalk.com


Watch the trailer here:

The dead begins to cry out loud!


If you want to live, cover your ears!


Directed by Yoo Young-seon, The Wrath is coming to scare and haunt you in cinemas 6 December!


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