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Andy Lau – Top Movie Characters

ShockWave - Poster


Speak of Hong Kong actors and the one name that pops into everyone’s mind, is Andy Lau. As one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the 90s, Andy Lau is perhaps one of the greatest Chinese Movie Star to don our screens.


Having begun his career in the early 1980s, Andy Lau has been in countless of top movies and played countless of different characters. He starred in all kinds of movies, from family movies, to action movies, to love stories, even comedy! This month, GSC Movies brings you Andy Lau’s latest movie – Shockwave. For his 133rd movie, he will be playing the part of a superintendent of the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Bureau, hell bent on bringing a villain from his past to justice, and save Hong Kong from a massive terrorist attack. With explosions going off left and right, will he be able to stop his nemesis?


To prepare you for this explosive action movie, we decided to compile some of the top movie characters that Andy Lau has made a masterpiece of! Without further ado, here are Andy Lau’s top movie characters!


Top Movies


1. Dying Robber with a vengeance, Cheung – Running Out of Time
Andy Lau won his very first Best Actor award for his portrayal of a man with only 4 weeks left to live.


No. 2


2. Muay Thai Kickboxer, Mong Fu – A Fighter’s Blues
His 100th role in showbiz, Andy won Best Actor award with his amazing portrayal of Mong Fu.


Top Movies


3. Senior Inspector, Lau Kin-Ming – Infernal Affairs
Who could forget Infernal Affairs, did you know he was nominated as Best Actor for 3 awards for his role in this movie?


No. 4


4. Captain Leo – House of Flying Daggers
Andy Lau plays a police captain in this classic Wuxia Movie!


Top Movies


5. Warlord, Hou Jie – Shaolin
Okay so in this movie, he starts off as a warlord and ends up a monk. It really shows his versatility.


Top Movies


6. Sword Fighting Fisherman, Fei – Moon Warriors
1993 Moon Warriors didn’t win any awards or break the box office records, but Andy Lau’s portrayal of Fei really tugs on your heartstrings.


No. 7


7. Taekwondo Expert Police Officer, Yuen Tak-Wah – What a Hero!
Another Police Officer role, but this time he is also a taekwondo expert!


Top Movies


8. Zhao Zi Long – Three Kingdoms
Finally his stunning portrayal of the invincible hero, left many in awe. He played a man from his 20s to 70s and really brought this legendary hero back to life!


Top Movies


9. Bomb Disposal Expert, Cheung Choi-San – Shock Wave
His latest performance as the Superintendent of the EOD Bureau is nothing short of brilliant.


With so much experience under his belt (133 movie roles to be exact), one would expect his portrayal of Superintendent Cheung Choi- San to be spot on, and it is. The movie reported a budget spend of over 1.8 bil HKD for real explosives, guns, and the construction of Cross-Harbour Tunnel replica, Shock Wave is one of this year’s most highly anticipated Hong Kong movie. As all explosions were filmed, the new movie is expected to be very realistic.


So if you enjoy your action movies, Shock Wave is a movie you will definitely regret missing. You can catch the movie in cinemas on 20 April. Be prepared to be blown away by Andy Lau’s explosive performance that is if you’re not already in pieces from the explosions.


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